2-160 here we come, right?

The bright side is, Ortiz got an RBI…so the morons who are ready do declare him D-U-N after 2 games will now be printing his name on the 2010 MVP trophy. Ortiz may very well BE D-U-N….but it is going to take a helluva lot more than 2 games to determine that.

Nice outing for Lackey…I was watching out of the corner of my eye while working on finishing a friend’s basement. Can’t believe Posada was able to tie it from 2nd on Drew.

Oh, well….on to KC.

When I fell asleep last night…

…I planned on coming in this morning and authoring a ‘sky is falling’ post as a joke, as the Sox were down 5-1. Nice to see what happened after I started snoring!

Hope to be able to pop into chat sometime this week…didn’t have the laptop home this weekend.

Since 1918…

20 of 23 playoff series the Sox have been in have either ended up in a sweep or gone the maximum number of games.

If this trend continues, here’s hoping no brooms are involved.

“That was the best game I’ve EVER been a part of..”


Direct quote from Orlando Cabrera after last night’s game.

Really, Orlando?  Have you forgotten Games 4 and 5 of the 2004 ALCS already?

Quibbling aside, that was an all-timer last night.  Seemed like the wind was taken out of the Metrodome baggie when the Tigers put up that 3 spot, but they sure fought back.  What didn’t that game have?  Clutch home runs, great defense, all the drama you could ask for…

So are the Twins merely a sacrificial lamb for the mighty Yankees?  Probably…but maybe they have a little ‘2007 Rockies’ in them.  They enter the playoffs hotter than a pistol; maybe the momentum from last night combined with Sabbathia’s usual playoff performance and the Twins could possibly take 1 of 2 in the Bronx.  I think they have a shot if they can go back to Minnesota with a split.

I’ve had a soft spot for the Twins for a long time…as many of you know, the former Red Sox AA team in New Britian, CT became the Twins AA team in 1995.  I’ve seen a lot of these Twins play in the minors over the years, so I’m definitely pulling for them regardless of the fact that they are playing the Yanks.

Bring on our playoff bitches!

Actually, I’m not a huge believer in past seasons having too much affect on the present…but you have to admit, Angels/Red Sox playoff history is probably recent enough to play on the minds of some in the Angel dugout. Can they get the Sox monkey off their back?

I don’t think so.

Unless Beckett, Lester, AND Buckholz spit the bit (sure, he had a rough last outing, but I’m willing to average out how the year finished for him), I don’t see this series going more than 4 games.

And there is no doubt in my mind that the Yankees win their first playoff series since beating the Twins in 2004.

We take you away from our regularly scheduled Sox posts..

…to talk about the Pats.

While it certainly didn’t seem so for the first 55 minutes of the contest, that turned out to be one of the most exciting games I’ve seen in person since I got my season tickets. Sure, it raises some questions that they had a tough time with the Bills…but man; what a game. Even better that all the 4th quarter action happened where we could best see it. Here is the view from my seats:

The view from the top row of section 326
The view from the top row of section 326

My weekend was great, thanks!

Ended up watching most of the Friday night game at a bar with about 30 other people that were in town for the weekend for Saturday’s game; that was a good one.

I was extremely confident that they would get Saturday’s game in; what was shocking to me is that they actually started on time.  Cold night for an August game, but excellent results.

Since I was pretty much off the grid from early Friday afternoon, I had no idea until Sunday morning that I would be seeing Paul Byrd match up against Halladay rather than Jon Lester.  I was obviously disappointed to learn that; but I guess it worked out, eh?

Save Fenway!
Save Fenway!

Here is a shot from my seat yesterday.  I noticed one big change, though…the lower seats that were redone in the offseason look like they have way more legroom.  They did this at the expense of the narrow walkway around the park…now it’s even narrower.  So if I’m not mistaken, the only seats that haven’t been touched with the new owners are the crappy old blue ones…wonder if it will be at all possible to improve on them?  I especially loved my aisle seat where I had to stand up 1,000 times so people could get out.

We also paid a quick visit to Wally.


Nomar again

Hate to beat a dead horse, but this is a good article about Nomar.

In Oakland’s visit to Boston in July, Mr. Garciaparra approached the plate for the first time as a visiting player. The crowd roared, first for seconds, then minutes. Stunned, Mr. Garciaparra backed away from the plate and did a slow 360, taking time to acknowledge fans in every section of the ballpark. For those watching, it seemed a very real possibility that he might not be able to maintain his composure. “He was about as choked up as you can be on a baseball field,” said A’s third baseman Adam Kennedy. It was, Mr. Garciaparra said, one of the greatest moments of his career.

I’m still very glad he got that reaction, and I’m even happier to see that he got some joy out of it.

I’m headed to 2 of the 3 games this weekend…my first trip to Fenway in 2009.  I can’t remember the last time my first trip was this late in the season…although things don’t look good for Saturday with this hurricane bearing down on the Northeast.