So what the hell is wrong??

And are we ready to be jumping off of bridges?

Personally, I don’t think so. Plenty of time left to turn this around. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that need to be fixed. Mainly their $100 million #5 starter. And by ‘fixed’ I mean ‘jettisoned’, but I doubt that will happen.

I have to believe this team will hit. I’m not ready to assume career worst years for the entire lineup 11 games into the season. I think last night definitely exposes a weakness, though…the lineup Francona puts out there against tough lefties is pretty terrible.

But honestly, the only thing I think will consistently stink this year is Matsuzaka.

So should we be worried?

Yeah, 0-5 sucks…but if the team lost 5 in a row sometime in June or July we wouldn’t be jumping of bridges, would we?

Regardless, it isn’t good.

I have to think that the hitting and the starting pitching will come around. For all the whining about Matsuzaka, he IS the team’s 5th starter right now. I’ll take 3 runs in 5 innings out of the 5th starter all season long. It is the bullpen that I’m not terribly confident in. I know on paper it is supposedly better…but right now the only person in the pen who doesn’t scare me to death is Bard, and he already spit the bit once this year.

Here’s hoping they get of the schnide today. 12:00 start in Cleveland, Lester to the rescue? Pop into chat to get the play by play.

Work in progress

So with Chatroll sucking, I’m trying other options. I think I like this one; it turns the whole site into a kind of social community. Chat can be found from the dropdowns up top; I will be able to customize it but I’m not going to be able to do that right now.

Next thing I have to do is get rid of all the spammers that have signed up over the years…there are thousands. If your login no longer works, re-register or shoot me an email. It is very likely that people were deleted accidentally.

Chat is working; the link is up on the top bar.

Game sucked…but it was nice to be at a game

I enjoyed my first trip to Ft. Myers…I can totally see myself returning to the area for a little vacation. Won’t be going to this park again as the Sox broke ground for a new stadium (that is way out in the middle of nowhere near the airport; but I imagine it will be teeming with commercial activity when it is finished…unlike the area around the current park).

We got there early (figuring we would walk around before going in), and discovered quickly that there is nothing to do within walking distance of City of Palms park. I suspect if I wanted to buy some crack I could have done that in some of the neighborhoods nearby, but I digress.

We parked, and the lot was full of scalpers from Boston. I think I even recognized a couple of them. I traded in our lawfully purchased bleacher seats for a pair of seats 6 rows off the field. Nice view; shade probably would have been better. When we discovered there was nothing else to do, we went in the park early. Caught a glimpse of Pedroia signing some autographs, had a ‘Gansett in the concourse…but the game was pretty forgettable.

Ft. Myers isn’t a terrible little getaway spot, though. I could see the family spending a week there on Sanibel Island some future February/March.

Spring Training, here I come!

I get to see my first baseball game of 2011 this coming Saturday. Never been to Spring Training before; hell, I’ve never really been anywhere in Florida besides Tampa and Orlando before. Looking forward to the trip; I will be sure to post some pictures up here for you all.

We’re not dead yet, bitches!

I was going to try to go a full year in between posts, but I decided against it.

WordPress has been updated to a newer version (hopefully that means less spam registrations..I have over 1,000 Russians who want to sell me Viagra as members of now).

And a new chat has been installed. A little different than the old one, but I think still very workable; and integrated with your login.

Weekday Matinees

2 in a row; today and tomorrow.

Thank goodness for the MLB At Bat Android app; else I’d have to Gamecast. Instead, I get streaming audio.

1-0 Sox, no outs still batting top 1st. I’ll hang out in chat the rest of the afternoon.