Not dead, but WAS hacked

Someone set up a phishing site on here; trying to get it back up and running. Sorry for the week off!

By the way, I have been so disinterested in the Sox this year it isn’t funny. Maybe that’ll change as summer rolls on..

For now, chat found in the menu above. May or may not keep this one instead of trying to fix the old one. Also finally got a Facebook connect feature working; you can log into with Facebook (although it looks like it creates a new profile)

50 thoughts on “Not dead, but WAS hacked”

  1. Is there a team less relevant than the Bobby led sox this year? I liked the way he spoke out of both sides of his face regarding Youk. First Youk is not doing enough, then trades him and Youk is a legend. Don’t say I didn’t warn y’all. He’s usually good his first couple of years though.

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  2. lol I love ya buddy. I havent posted cause i couldnt for some reason, in the old room.

    one thing about bobby v is that he seems to have lost the old ‘its all about me’. hes actually become quiescent.

    they can score runs. we know that. closer = very fine. middle releif= very fine (llok at their stats on theres a bunch of them under 4, a lot under 3.

    thats leaves the rot. i think doubront isnt a healthy try anymore. I think hes right THERE. so with some luck, im cautiously hopeful. morales could help bring this together.

    i was reading about george frazier last night, a former sensational herald columnist. He coined the term ‘duende’, and admiited it was difficult to define. I think thats what the sox are lacking right now, but i think they can gain it. they could start by putting duct tape over becketts mouth’

    Yes- infiltrate secret agent dustin into the yakkies lineup to tumble the walls from within.


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  3. richaaaaaaaaae… once Dustin is a Yankee the pinstripes will do their magic and transform him into the player he should be. Remember Boggs. I’m sure he’ll be cheered the first time he comes up to bat at fenway as a Yankee. After he wraps it around the Pesky pole the second time up he’ll be booed… Typical sox fans…

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  4. YM-

    Bobby has learned how ‘we do things around here’.

    However, the sox have had the best bpen in baseball since late april, and one has to credit the V for figuring it out. In addition, the rot is slowly taking great form.

    Thats the rot, middle, and the closer.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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  5. Fellow Sufferers-

    Im actually uninterested about the 7 31 deadline. Nothing can help this team. They are lost souls- a rudderless deathship with no port.

    At this point even an exorcism wouldnt help. Besides, no one in their right mind would even attempt one.

    May I borrow your fork?

    Yes its official:

    Receiving the 2012 *SHIP OF TOOLS* AWARD is….


    Dr. Strangelove

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  6. Fellow Sufferers-

    *“everything’s ok smirk” (pat. pending)*

    a few months ago it seemed that a dark cloud followed them wherever they went.

    Not so anymore- they ARE the dark cloud, now hovering over not the players, but the Nation itself.

    theres now this amazing disconnect between OGRS and this bunch of guys.

    I still say it was asinine and putrid to can tito over a botched month, after all hed accomplished. That month was to be cured not by the baby and the bathwater method, but by addressing the Bernard Guilky parties themselves, one way or the other.

    So that stench is from the owners themselves. Therefore you can say it spreads from them on down.

    Ive seen open Manhole’s in Park Square more inviting than Yawkey Ways festering boil.

    and now that moallah awful Citgo sign that sits like a buy-out pimple in kenmore square (next Boston Tea Party= riotous Sox fans storm its underlying structure and topple it- like thy did w Husseins statue) has taken on a sinister glitter akin to Poe’s ‘The Raven.’

    Caw! Caw! Caw!!!

    – (regretfully) Dr. Jose Castigliono

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  7. The downside is th e loss of gonzo, but apart from that this move is sensational. they dumped not 1, but TWO hellish tracts.

    nava can give you an adequate left next yr and be a fan favorite. then the money goes elsewhere.

    what it also means is that the owners didnt wait.

    the big q of course is now just how, but will they spend the savings.

    recall that 20 mil in MadHatteringtons top left drawer. no repeat, please.


    I see its high time to recapture The Goodship.

    -Daniel Nava

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  8. Don’t y’all miss the days of Pedro using his WWE moves on a 70 year old man, both teams hopped up on PED’s and Mariano v Big Poopie in the 9th inning in October??? AAAHHH good times, good times… The only remnant from those days is El Capitan… He still doing it with Yankee Pride and furthering the tradition…

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  9. YM-

    What is this year 2012 ye speak of?

    Im bowled over with ecstacy at this trade. It is a gift from the Starchild. I cannot believe the Dodgers gave up that much.

    This has to rank as 1 of the greatest Sox heists in history.

    P.T. Barnum

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  10. Me too, P.tens and tens of mils- to do what they DIDNT a few yrs ago. Its in their lap.

    Im gonna change by moniker- I dont want to creep out any newbies.

    I can HARDLY wait til the offseason, and see what Ben cooks up for us.


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  11. Meanwhile:

    • Scott Podsednik is hitting third. That seemed a little unusual, so Valentine was asked about it.

    “Just a mistake,” Valentine said. “Is that what it says on the lineup? … Just switch it up. Who knows, maybe it will look good? Haven’t seen it.”

    Nobody has ever seen it. In 902 previous career starts, Podsednik has never hit third before.

    • Red Sox starters have a 5.00 ERA, one of the worst in baseball. But Valentine said he isn’t planning on any changes to the rotation.

    “No,” he said. “Have any suggestions?”

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  13. lol bos-

    i cant help but wonder if a lot of this is about the money for bobby next yr. if his aberrant behavior can force the sox to fire him, he gets next yrs money.

    it may boil down to neither party wants bobby here next yr, and so both are playing cat and mouse over firing vs quitting, each of which determines the fate of next yrs salary.

    -henry kissinger

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  14. Go ahead…hum the lyrics a few times, and tell me it doesnt make you smile.

    Here we go now…

    Blowing me, blowing you
    Uh huhhhhhh… huh.
    There is nothing we CANT do.
    Blowing me, blowing you…

    – your faithful servant,
    Sir Grumple Stillskin

    By the way do you like my new avatar? I just had a facelift. I havent looked in the mirror yet, but my shrink (Ms. Marcia Feldstein) tells me it didnt go too well.

    She said shes not gonna sleep with me again. I told her Id pay her more money,
    but she just hung up the phone.

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