And the answer is…this place!

Had to completely reinstall WordPress; working to get things back the way they were. Bear with me! Chat works, logins and comments should work…gotta work on restoring the design.

20 thoughts on “And the answer is…this place!”

  1. Hey! I’ve still got an account. Thanks PSF.

    Anyway, I came here to ask one very simple question: Why the heck didn’t Red Sox go after Andy Pettitte knowing that he was contemplating coming back to baseball? Theo should have got this one right after all the mistakes he’s made. And Francona would have loved to have another left hander, I’m sure. Maybe, just maybe, an improvement from Lackey this year may be on the cards, I suppose. I bet you that young Jacoby will be crying hurt for most of the upcoming season. Good news though, Bard is going to be a fabulous closer – that’s one I am sure about.

    Looking forward to proper season game chat. Smoochies to you know who.

    Happy New Year!


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  2. YM- Adams best post ever, blasted at me after Id given him some polite flak…

    “SHUT UP, RICH!!!”

    you were the only polite member of can land richie. Racism sexual orientation and financial status were the most popular ways of burning people. Eg: get your PR faggot ass back to the fryolator at McDonalds and gtfoh. AAAAHHHHH good times good times…

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