What’s in worse shape; this place or the 2012 Sox?

Having neglected things around here for a while, some hacker put up a phishing site somewhere on the domain. Trying to get that cleared up with the powers that be. But we’re still here; us and about 1,000 Russian spammers!

Anybody else not optimistic at all about the upcoming season?

Oh, and if I accidentally deleted your account when I just got rid of the 500 spam accounts, I humbly apologize.

20 thoughts on “What’s in worse shape; this place or the 2012 Sox?”

  1. rich said: On February 24, 2012

    Hi P- Its great to hear from you again.

    Im nervously hopeful. However you put it, this team has lost its culture/identity/whatever. They miss the leadership of tek, who was strangely absent with such during the sept meltdown.

    the top 3 arent locks, and we will need luck to get from them all the performance we wish, Much hope that the #4 gets filled in. The #5 also might be axeing too mulch.

    Hi Q. Remember the song ‘everyones gone to the moon.’? Thats whats happened here, but moon = facebook I guess.

    Ill never forget that songs immortal words-

    “Eyes that can only lift a spoon…Everyones gone to the moon.”

    For some strange reason everytime I hear those words I break out in a sweat and start doing the Congo.

    After I flick the houselights on/ off 3 times of course, signalling the neighbors Ill be absent from our ‘hoods crime watch, at least for a few hours.

    Butt thas ok. As Bubba once said- Im the king of this mother f’ing jungle.

    Im glad they finally got fair compensation for Theo. After I heard the news I tried high 5′ing one of my South American floor plants, but it was in its usual ugly mood and tried to drag me in.

    Actually I also have a venus fly trap which i bought 2 yrs ago along with a gro-light. Its over 15 feet tall now, and will only eat annoying cats.

    Well gonna run- Im taking a cue from valentine and practicing my swinging bunts.

    After that Im gonna shower and then go and work out.


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