So what the hell is wrong??

And are we ready to be jumping off of bridges?

Personally, I don’t think so. Plenty of time left to turn this around. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that need to be fixed. Mainly their $100 million #5 starter. And by ‘fixed’ I mean ‘jettisoned’, but I doubt that will happen.

I have to believe this team will hit. I’m not ready to assume career worst years for the entire lineup 11 games into the season. I think last night definitely exposes a weakness, though…the lineup Francona puts out there against tough lefties is pretty terrible.

But honestly, the only thing I think will consistently stink this year is Matsuzaka.

49 thoughts on “So what the hell is wrong??”

  1. Hi YM. Hey hand with us. Though you may be a fan of the you-kinow-whos, youre stll a good guy.

    Well here comes the fuking rain again- Sox swept, Hill and DiceK up for Tommy John, and Okie wants out.

    -herb from Malden

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  2. man, we got run over like a possum on I-95…I despise the sox and everything they stand for…but they have a pretty good team, MF’s!!! when is anybody going to put the ball right in Big Poopie’s right earhole??? That fat bastard just steps in to ball with impunity and it hurts to see it happen!!! stay thirsty my friends… and GO YANKEEEEEEESSSS!!!

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  3. This is probably speaking the obvious, but the Sox are more than this 9 game winning streak, well above .500.

    They have begun to find themselves an identity, and you can see how they play these games with a quiet assurance.

    Theyre good now, and they know it. Nothing ruffles them. You can tell.

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  4. And dont worry Spo.

    When it happens Wally will emerge from the door in left field and flying around like Superman, grab the 3 of them and hug them senseless, all the while screaming OGRS stuff in their ears.

    It will be a NESN highlight.

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  5. yes rich, they stand for red shirts on Sunday, little C’s on their shirts and making people sit on the outfield walls… for hitting Yankees’ batters with impunity, Big Poopie on HGH and making Major League players play in that dump of a stadium…and most of all, the fake moral superiority of their fans who blame the Yankees for their payroll, when the sox spend just as much, the use of PED’s, when their team does it just as much (see Nomar, Manny, Nixon, Mueller, Vaughn and the need to copy everything pioneered by the Yankees. I despise the darned sox…

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  6. lol YM. Last post was a good one.

    Hope the health iss ok, good buddy. But rem what I once told you- be careful of rugs which can set off static electricity. Perhaps investing in a pair Nikes might be a good idea.

    Although since we are talking nyc here, I suppose You could go out and steal a pair from some ghetto kid.

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  7. YM-

    There may be an even easier way. Sometimes you see sneakers hanging from telephone wires. So you could climb the adjoining telephone pole and when at the top reach way way over and…

    Oh wait. Never mind. Disregard.

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  8. rich:
    After I read your last post, I looked out the window and damned if there wasn’t a pair of sneakers hanging from the ConEd wires. Problem was I didn’t read the complete message and didn’t see the disregard part. Now I’m sitting here with a streched out clothes’ hanger scratching inside the cast…I HATE THE SOX!!!

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