So should we be worried?

Yeah, 0-5 sucks…but if the team lost 5 in a row sometime in June or July we wouldn’t be jumping of bridges, would we?

Regardless, it isn’t good.

I have to think that the hitting and the starting pitching will come around. For all the whining about Matsuzaka, he IS the team’s 5th starter right now. I’ll take 3 runs in 5 innings out of the 5th starter all season long. It is the bullpen that I’m not terribly confident in. I know on paper it is supposedly better…but right now the only person in the pen who doesn’t scare me to death is Bard, and he already spit the bit once this year.

Here’s hoping they get of the schnide today. 12:00 start in Cleveland, Lester to the rescue? Pop into chat to get the play by play.

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