Spring Training, here I come!

I get to see my first baseball game of 2011 this coming Saturday. Never been to Spring Training before; hell, I’ve never really been anywhere in Florida besides Tampa and Orlando before. Looking forward to the trip; I will be sure to post some pictures up here for you all.

4 thoughts on “Spring Training, here I come!”

  1. Hey, PSF…Since you’re in Ft. Myers you have to check out Sanibel/Captiva Islands…Haven’t been there since a hurricane blew through a few years back…But Captiva Island’s beach at the far end of the island is way cool! Every wave brings in millions of live shell creatures…

  2. We were going to go to Sanibel/Captiva….but was convinced that we should make the trip to Boca Grande. Very similar, very beautiful…and ach is running an event on that island this weekend so we’re going to try to stop and say hello.

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