When I fell asleep last night…

…I planned on coming in this morning and authoring a ‘sky is falling’ post as a joke, as the Sox were down 5-1. Nice to see what happened after I started snoring!

Hope to be able to pop into chat sometime this week…didn’t have the laptop home this weekend.

12 thoughts on “When I fell asleep last night…”

  1. I was feeling mighty pissed off. Had to work early this morning, but I stayed up for the glorious ending! And where is ym this morning with his bullshit commentary?

  2. Nice comeback win against the MF’s…always a good thing. I missed the game as I had to work, but am looking forward to watching Lester pitch tonight. I’ll check out chat to see if anyone is around.

  3. Spot,

    We gotta hook up this summer a few times…the ‘Dogs are gonna have a fantastic team,….Portland will have Casey Kelly, Jose Iglesias, Luis Exposito, Ryan Kalish, Felix Doubront, Lars Anderson, Yamaico Navarro, Kyle Weiland, Stephen Fife and Che-Hsuan Lin. That’s a hellova pile of top prospects.

  4. Agreed, Wally…Dogs are going to be fun to watch!

    I’d say meet me at Pizza Villa, but psf would have some snide comment.

    Speaking if the eskimo…Remember when he cared enough to actually watch/listen to a COMPLETE game?

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