Weekday Matinees

2 in a row; today and tomorrow.

Thank goodness for the MLB At Bat Android app; else I’d have to Gamecast. Instead, I get streaming audio.

1-0 Sox, no outs still batting top 1st. I’ll hang out in chat the rest of the afternoon.


2-160 here we come, right?

The bright side is, Ortiz got an RBI…so the morons who are ready do declare him D-U-N after 2 games will now be printing his name on the 2010 MVP trophy. Ortiz may very well BE D-U-N….but it is going to take a helluva lot more than 2 games to determine that.

Nice outing for Lackey…I was watching out of the corner of my eye while working on finishing a friend’s basement. Can’t believe Posada was able to tie it from 2nd on Drew.

Oh, well….on to KC.

When I fell asleep last night…

…I planned on coming in this morning and authoring a ‘sky is falling’ post as a joke, as the Sox were down 5-1. Nice to see what happened after I started snoring!

Hope to be able to pop into chat sometime this week…didn’t have the laptop home this weekend.