Since 1918…

20 of 23 playoff series the Sox have been in have either ended up in a sweep or gone the maximum number of games.

If this trend continues, here’s hoping no brooms are involved.

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  1. What is so special about Kate Hudson??? The woman has some special powers over men!!! Owen Wilson tries to commit suicide, that other dude quits his band, and she has A-Rod hitting in the clutch. Word is in NYC that she’s carrying an A-Bomb from A-Rod, so maybe he’ll stay hot for the duration of these playoffs. The power of the pussy is a mistery that can’t ever be unraveled. The rug must match the curtains I say…

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  2. WE are now in The Great Void, and falling.

    A huge conical shaft littered with wall things like 1918 and 1986 and Teddy Ballgame and Calvin Shiraldi and Dan Duquette and Carl Everett and 1978 and Jimi (Rainman) Williams and MadHatterington and his BC Cronies and much much more.

    Sights accompanied by great wails and gnashing of teeth and banshee sounds and murderous screams from Bucky Dent and Lou Pinella and Rollie Fingers and Yaz just got under it…just by an inch, otherwise its in the net and the world would have been a different place.

    The Great and Awful Void.

    The Universe split in 2, the exact moment Yaz popped to Nettles.

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  3. The poor showing of 07 certainly lacks the sting of 06 and 08 and in no shape or form can be compared to 03 or other years of note.

    Bottom line is that baseball is entertainment.

    Life does move forward and now the focus for Tard in overthrowing the Democratic Town Council.

    I got 2 horses in the Race and 3 already in the winner circle from years past.

    The Dems have been bottom feeding in my town for 25 years.

    Time to move on Bitches.

    Na Na Na Naaaaaaa….. Na Na Na Naaaaaaa…… Hey Hey Hey – Good Bye.

    Although we have not a Team in this October Fight…………. I root on.

    Tard roots for the Weather.

    Raining down here, a cold dark raw weekend is forecasted.

    50,000 + cocksuckers sitting in 30 degree weather getting soaked.

    The Tard always finds the Silver Lining.

  4. As I drove to work I noticed snow on a few cars.

    Perfect !

    Gonna be in the 30’s and wet tonight.

    Perfect !

    The Tard will be high and dry playing Poker with some fans of the Cocksuckers tonight.

    I how I hope the Heavens open up.


    The Tard

  5. TYPO # 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God Dam it.

    It’s an F-en total do -over.


    As I drove to work I noticed snow on a few cars.

    Perfect !

    Gonna be in the 30’s and wet tonight.

    Perfect !

    The Tard will be high and dry playing Poker with some fans of the Cocksuckers tonight.

    O how I do hope the Heavens open up.


    The Tard


    All better now.

  6. Hey Tard…It’s 4:39AM and I just got home from the Palace in the Boogeydown…and guess what, I sat through last night’s and tonight’s game in mostly cold but dry weather… I’m sure you were watching the game I attended while playing poker and/or whatever people in NJ do on a weekend. Are the Bombers awesome or what. The celebration for that classic tonight (Sat.) was biblical. Too bad your favorite baseball team sucked and now you have been condemned to a winter of rooting for the Nets (at least until they move to Brooklyn, they can’t wait you know) and the fumes from Bayonne. BTW, if you missed it, I’m sure you can catch it on YES Classics…

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  7. I accuse ym of high crimes , treason and fibbing.

    Scan an post your tickets from the 2 games you crawled into at the Palace in the Boogeydown.

    Do they have scanners in Queens, then do it Bitch.

  8. Clueless Joe finally arrives.

    Giradi empties the f-en pen like it was game 7 of the WS.

    My humble prediction is that CC gets shelled and the pen is once again abused.

    Way to drive a 200 + million dollar tribe of Mercenarys into the wall.

    Somewhere Grady the true Fuck Tard is smiling.


    The Tard

    *** Hey princess…..lets see those ticks used to crawl into that shit hole in the boogeydown. **

  9. Remember decades ago we landed men on the moon?
    And remember since then we havent?
    And remember just a few years ago Bush said we’ll go BACK there again…IN TWENTY YEARS?

    Why the delay?
    Why the procrastination?

    Ill tell you why…
    Its because on the last journey and its flyby the craft caught a glimpse of the darkside…



    thats why.

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  10. Rally Monkey Jimmy Rally Monkey !

    Stick to it Princess ?

    While in College (30 years ago) I worked in the Reading Mass. Post Office.

    The douche bag assistant Post Master was a mook.

    The Tard got up in his grille.

    Long and short of it was that this DB accused the Tard of “verbal assault”.

    for 30 years I have scanned the obits and will fly up to piss on his grave when he leaves this earth.

    Only a matter of time.

  11. Rally monkey this, jerseytard…what a magnificent night it was last night. The Bombers from the Boogeydown are back for #27. Another celebration leading up to the Parade on Broadway. And you tard, choke on your hate of the bombers. hey I have tix for wednesday and thursday, shall I scan them for your benefit??? UMMM, on second thought, fuck you, choke on your hate…
    GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. Now Now princess settle down.

    Tard is a fan of the Boss, always felt Mr. Steinbrenner was good for baseball.

    The Tard does not hate the common peasant who derives misplaced feelings of worth derived by associating themselves with a band of mercenaries.

    So sit down and behave Ass Clown.


    The Tard

    BTW, I was in Springfield Gardens, Queens on Saturday.

    Jesus H Christ !!!!!!!!!!

  13. 200 + Million don’t buy the bats it use too.

    Go figure.

    The Palace in the Boogeydown was a tad quiet last night.

    Doesn’t help that the peeps from the nice seats retreated to their private lounge to gobble sushi and slurp white wine.

    Those peeps who decided to stay and try to watch a ball game simply covered their nogins with cheap plastic bags and braved the Biblical rains.

    Pedro cometh…….and The Babe is pissed.

    May the Curse of the Bambino visit you for 86 + 3 years.

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