We take you away from our regularly scheduled Sox posts..

…to talk about the Pats.

While it certainly didn’t seem so for the first 55 minutes of the contest, that turned out to be one of the most exciting games I’ve seen in person since I got my season tickets. Sure, it raises some questions that they had a tough time with the Bills…but man; what a game. Even better that all the 4th quarter action happened where we could best see it. Here is the view from my seats:

The view from the top row of section 326
The view from the top row of section 326

49 thoughts on “We take you away from our regularly scheduled Sox posts..”

  1. I was so glad that we had the early game. I never make it through MNF. What a finish.

    I thought the roughing the passer calls were bullshit, but hey I’m a chick . What do I know?

  2. I agree with you; although I saw them without benefit of replay. The 2nd one did seem like Edwards was slammed a bit; but the first one seemed like it should have been grounding.

    The 2nd game was ridiculous. I pulled into my driveway at 1 AM and the 4th quarter was just starting.

  3. If it was throwback night why do they keep broadcasting sideline shots of fat coaches, whining players, and bll boys. In between plays during throwback nights the camera should be searching the crowds for platinum blondes with huge racks.

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  4. Oh BTW football is fucking boring, run for three seconds, stand around for a minute, run for three seconds, commercial, stand around for a minute, throw a pass incomplete, walk back wait for play from above, wait a few minutes, punt, five commercials, tons of action. Watch a highlight film the next day see the whole game in 2 minutes.

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  5. Umpire hit by a flying bottle at Yankee Stadium.
    Had to have been tossed from those $875.00 behind the dugout seats.
    NY class and pride once again on display.
    Beware the 5 games series against the team from Mo Town.

  6. Friends-

    98.5 fm ‘Sports Hub’ is better than weei. they have maz and other beat writers on daily, as well as guest sports guys.
    trupiano has resurfaced there.

    no ‘hold on hold on’ when interrupting callers.

    civilized yet still with decent humor.

    -Big Baby

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  7. rich said on 18-08-2009
    I concur w P. Its hard to see this team doing much this year. And I cant help wonder if the VM signing might have a downside in team unity.

    Big Baby

    nice to see you jumped back on the wagon rich…guess the sox must be doing well for the last week or so…

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  8. Ym- u came up with the post, but the allegation is wrong-

    thats not me off the bandwagon, its me being my usual self-


    As you know, ive been a sox caliph in here for years…a keeper of the faith. At the Point, and ahead of the curve.

    A Lighthouse if you will, beckoning home lost and baleful ships.

    – Warmly,
    Dr. Jose Castigliono

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  9. More YM-

    I have an inferiority complex. Please dont exacerbate it.
    Show some compassion.

    *and a thousand thousand slimy things lived on.
    And so did I.*

    You shouldnt be mean to me.

    I have the heart of a lion, and the soul of Haight-Ashubry.

    -Carl Everett

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  10. ym your ignorant rat bastard, how many football teams play in NY?
    …………one you dumb fucker (1) Buffalo Bills.
    Thats it toad.
    I am not from NJ you assclown, I live here.


  11. Brethren-

    a long time ago Yaddy plated me to see ‘Citizen X’.

    I just did and boy did she ever make the call. Its a must see.

    I also highly recommend ‘Angels and Demons’.

    An absolute TRIP…a furious journey…with HUGE themes- Catholic Church, rogue Priests, ANTI MATTER!…
    Tom Hanks, the delicious brunette, and the Priest are absolutely sensational.

    At the end, a fantastic scene- Vatican City, a helicopter, anti matter, and spectacular cinematography.

    Your Servant.
    Grumple Stillskin

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  12. Mean Asian Restaurents-

    Just as five-star Asian hotels are renowned for gracious service, certain restaurants are known for the exact opposite. The five-story madhouse Wong Kei is London’s most famous Chinese restaurant, less so for the food (agreeable but ordinary) or the ambience (duck sauce–stained tablecloths) than for the comically rude waiters. Harried staff bark at you the second you walk in (“SIT DOWN THERE YOU ORDER NOW NO MORE DUCK!”); busboys throw down plates with the clatter of a Max Roach drum solo. And still the queue outside grows longer. The cult of Wong Kei has even inspired two Facebook groups on which the faithful trade stories about, for instance, ordering an after-dinner drink and being told to “Go find a f***ing bar—we need table back!”

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  13. Tard, you’re right, go ahead and root for the Jersey Giants, or the Jersey Jets. Shit, you can’t can you, they’re the NY Giants and the NY Jets…btw, Buffalo is part of NY State, not NEW YORK CITY…also, you continue to brag you live in NJ, that’s like bragging about living in Maine, or WV…( * ) ( * )…:0

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  14. rich, listen fella, you’re being paid good money to be a caliph for the nation, a lighthouse if you will, drop the Zagat and Rex Reed thing or you’ll be kicked out of the Swiss Guard!!! Then you’ll be condenmed to a lifetime in New Jersey rooting for the Nets… so shape up mister!!!

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  15. ym, you live in NYC ? – I call BS !
    I’m guessing the FDR up in the 140’s or East NY.
    Safe to say your not allowed to visit or loiter let alone live on the upper east / West side or any other civilized area of the dirty apple.
    A rat hole by any other name is still a rat hole.
    I’ll be driving up to Boston for Home game #1 of the ALDS.
    You got your $5.00 Post season obstructed bleacher squared away?

  16. Hey tard, actually I live in Middle Village in Queens, but any neighborhood in NYC is OK by me. A rat hole in NYC can cost $1,500 a month, so watch your piehole. BTW, the FDR doesn’t go to the 140’s, that’s the Harlem River Drive. If you weren’t a dumb uncultured Jersey lout you might have known that. Also, any seat at the Palace in the Boogeydown is a precious gift from God. I’m fortunate to be able to pay more than $5.00 for mine. Hope your KIA makes it to beantown…

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  17. Tard does not need a bottom feeder like ym lecturing The Tard.

    Ym gave up “his seats” at the old shithole in the boogeydown when the new shit hole went up.

    Dope, if you had come to The Tard for advice your sorry PR ass would be hunkered down for the entire post season, 3 and out against Mo Town assclown.

    The Tard out of pocket for the 2009 regular season at America’s most beloved ball park was $138.80.

    That’s correct dummy, I saw some fantastic ball games, gave many ticks away to grease the wheels at a 4 star Back Bay Hotel.

    When they quote $330.00 / night The Tard gets that room for $119.00, never a tab for the Tard at the Bar.

    So in closing, Tard’s out of Pocket expenses for living large in Bean Town for the 2009 season was $138.00.

    Stub Hub bitch.

    That is why you are doomed to scratch out a living in Queens having nothing but a $200 + Million assembly of Mercenaries to give meaning to your pathetic existence.


    The Tard

  18. Little stroll down memory lane.

    Former All-Star Knoblauch accused of hitting, choking wife

    He couldn’t hit first base if you put a gun to his head.

    No problem tunning up the little lady tho.

  19. Yeah, it’s a shame I paid all that money for my seats…oh wait, they are tax deductible for business reasons…damn, I didn’t have to go to beantown for anything, didn’t have to sit behind some pole, metal or drunk, and spent my time in the greatest stadium in the world. Lastly, Middle Village is the spot to be in Queens and so my PR ass is NOT sorry…Plus, at least it’s not Jersy…

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