Nomar again

Hate to beat a dead horse, but this is a good article about Nomar.

In Oakland’s visit to Boston in July, Mr. Garciaparra approached the plate for the first time as a visiting player. The crowd roared, first for seconds, then minutes. Stunned, Mr. Garciaparra backed away from the plate and did a slow 360, taking time to acknowledge fans in every section of the ballpark. For those watching, it seemed a very real possibility that he might not be able to maintain his composure. “He was about as choked up as you can be on a baseball field,” said A’s third baseman Adam Kennedy. It was, Mr. Garciaparra said, one of the greatest moments of his career.

I’m still very glad he got that reaction, and I’m even happier to see that he got some joy out of it.

I’m headed to 2 of the 3 games this weekend…my first trip to Fenway in 2009.  I can’t remember the last time my first trip was this late in the season…although things don’t look good for Saturday with this hurricane bearing down on the Northeast.

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  1. Well I hope you get a chance to hit Fenway this weekend, sorry you won’t get a chance to see Brad Penny, another wondrous signing by Theo. With apologies to Mr. Youkalis I hope I am not being too negative in my comments regarding the piss poor performance of the Free Agent signings by the boy wonder. Are you ready for the Wagner experiment?

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  2. The Wagner signing is interesting for at least two reasons. First and most obvious, the Sox now have two LHP’s out of the pen which should prove advantageous down the stretch, but secondly it MAY prove even more substantial this winter. IF..and I know it’s a big IF, but IF the Sox are looking to make a major move over the winter…(ie King Felix and/or Adrian Gonzalez type of moves) it will take a major piece of the Sox current roster… Papelbon.

    Consider this….Wagner wants to close, wants to get to and surpass 400 saves. Yes, I know he is 38, major surgery..etc….BUT IF he pitches well in September, he could be the buffer next season to the future closer, Daniel Bard. Papelbon’s value may never increase from what it is now…trade wise. Of course alot rides on how well Wagner pitches this September, and this scenario may never take place in any event….but it is interesting to think about.

    I do think the Sox are forced to make some major moves this winter….I hope those include contracts for Bay and Martinez, as well as another power bat and possibly another front line pitcher. (I’d also keep Gonzo at SS…the guy is flat out good).

    Meanwhile, I am still concerned the Sox do not have the horses-starting pitching wise- to make much of a splash in the playoffs, if they get there. I dont think Beckett/Lester is enough, and I dont think the pen can make up the difference for the 3/4/5 slots…..of course if Wakefield continues to pitch as well as he did last night….who knows?

  3. Waldo is back !!!!!!!!!
    Good to see your random babblings Son.
    Upside of last nights game was Green pitching 2 scoreless.
    Who needs Billy ?
    F Wagner
    Question for the masses. I hear vendors singing “Cold Beer Heer, Naraganset”.
    Beer is not sold in my section.
    Do the good seats have the ability to purchase a cold beer from their seats ?

  4. Tard; the seats between the dugouts have beer vendors. I haven’t sat there this year; last year ‘Gansett wasn’t an option.

    By the way, if you haven’t tried ‘Gansett lately because it was such a terrible beer for so long…do yourself a favor and give it a shot. It was reformulated in 2005 and it is a pretty good beer.

    Anybody else going to be there this weekend? Hoping for the storm to blow by in time for Saturday night’s game, so that Sunday I can see Halladay/Lester from behind the plate…

  5. I was on the Globe forum boards of late, I have to say that this site has an intelligence quotient probably 200-300 percent higher than the knuckleheads on that board. It’s really turned into a bunch of overindulged fans who don’t have a clue. Anyway, Porto, it’s too bad more people don’t venture over here. I think you need to market the site somehow. Oh well. Nick Green, Sox new set-up guy, and he’s not even Japanese

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  6. Scarystuff but Tard the re-tard is making a lot of sense. Nomar got more “joy” out of the money he made in boston than any standing “o”‘s he may receive. He abandoned your team when thery needed him the most. Doesn’t say much for the “morally and intellectualy” superior sox’ fans. He’s just another cheater and liar.

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  7. Nice article about Nomar. It shows the magnitude of greatness the Captain has achieved in his HOF career compared to the other SS’s of the era. Always keeping the Yankees’ brand untarnished with his clean play, quiet leadership and desire to win for the TEAM…

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  8. Rain stopped by game time so I assume that PSF enjoyed a hellova game. I hope this isnt a tease by Bucholz, because if he can command like he did last night he can be almost as nasty as the mighty Petey was in his prime….no, I’m not putting Bucholz in the same stratosphere as Pedro, but when he is on, his stuff is as nasty. I’m guessing we will get to see the new addition, Wagner, today.

  9. Mass. voters-

    “I believed in Dick Cheney, I believed in Colin Powell, I believed in Condoleezza Rice,” Schilling wrote. “I voted as much, if not more, for the team President Bush had assembled as I ever did for the man.”

    Im thinking of running but the chances are slim to none. But Im flattered some people have axed me. They see the obvious- that this state needs me. So I might do it anyway but i doubt that i will.

    I admit I need this attention, and will milk it for all its worth. I love it when people talk about me. When they dont, I simply fill in the gap.

    It reminds me of my bloody sock.

    – Curt38

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  10. And while im at it, I dont understand the concern of dwindling Negroes in MLB. Theres been an increase in Latin American players, so doesnt that make up for it?

    After all, theres still the same percentage of Caucasion players, so no harm is done.


    I just dont see it.


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