Manny suspended 50 games for drugs

Holy crap. As a Manny lover, I feel like I was just punched in the gut. You knew a Sox name would have to come out eventually…but call me naive; I thought Manny was natural. Initial reports are that it is a banned GNC supplement; announcement to come later today.

The bright side is, Boras gets screwed out of a few bucks…

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  1. Well…in that case it is very fortunate for Manny that he did NOT sign a 4 year $100mm contract. If my math is right, bore-ass would of grabbed the first %10-$15mm, and with the $8+mm that Manny is losing for the 50 game bitch-bench, he might have had to dip into savings to get by. Times are tough all over.

  2. Ill just get over here on the left….No one here good… i hope they dont give it to Paul or Ray…fuking Ray’s been missing his 3’s all night… Ok Im open here I can make this shot- I always do in practice…good here comes the ball no time left Id better let it go…Good.

    Big Baby

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  3. Comrades-

    Silverman’s mistake-

    This is a portion of M. Silvermans article in todays Herald:
    Ramirez’ own torrid pace since he became a Dodger – 23 home runs, 73 RBI in 80 games – outshines Bay’s highly respectable half-season of output in 81 Red Sox games – 18 home runs, 71 RBI. However, since Ramirez’ visit to his physician went horribly wrong, nobody is going to look at the slugger’s post-Red Sox output ever again without thinking about adding asterisks.

    So the Red Sox were quite wrong, at least publicly, about Bay.

    He did not simply replace Ramirez.

    It was Bay himself who became, for now at least, irreplaceable.

    This is wrong. The value of a HR is that it causes runs to score. Teams win ballgames because they score more runs, not hit more hr’s, than the opposing team. Thus the 5 extra hrs that manny had over Bay last year is subservient to the difference is rbis.

    Manny had 2 extra rbis. BFD. The 2 players output was equal. Factor in other things like defence , age, money, clubhouse presence, 50 missing ballgames and you have…at this point…as Silvermans last sentence implies… amazingly enough…

    The sox got the better of the deal!!! Significantly better!

    -Big Baby

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  4. du, worst cheap shot since samuelsson kneed neely…it was so bleeding obvious…walker sucker-punched him, then gets off suspension-free…the NHL blew it on keith jones giving a concussion to bergeron, and now they’ve blown it again….ugly…
    B’s in 7!!!

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  5. Friends-

    From the Globe:
    ‘Clay Buchholz can’t do much more than he has been doing lately for Pawtucket. The question is when there will be room for him in the Boston rotation.’

    No room in the rotation….hahahahahha…worst starters in the league but no room….ahahhahahahhaha….when will there be room…hahahhahaha….




    – Grumple Stillskin

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  6. So, now it seems that the mighty sox wins in ’04 & ’07 were tainted??? Manny & Big Poopie were as juiced as the counter at Grey’s Papaya!!! I have to admit that although I always said Poopie’ power came from the PED’s he was ingesting, I was surprised Manny was proven to be a juicer. I always thought he was a natural, a damn shame. Taking a hormone commonly used for women hoping to become pregnant and steroid users coming off a cycle only leaves one choice why Manny was taking it. Unless Manny was being a Manny we can’t ever fathom, there is no other choice.

    As for Poopie, is there any doubt now that he’s a juicer??? He has reverted back to the player he was in Minni. before he was traded to Boston. A lifetime .220 hitter with warning track power. I always told you guys, and I take no pleasure in reminding you all of that fact :-}…I’m lying…it feels great to bring your f-ing holyer than thou boston attitude down to the rat filled Boston sewer level it deserves.

    BTW, the new Yankee Stadium is a total sport palace and I truly hope you guys can come down and experience baseball the way it’s meant to be.

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  7. Clemens
    His Bitch Andy Pettitte
    Chuck “I can’t throw to 1rst” Knobloauch
    Giambi………..Nigga Please
    A – Fraud
    Kevin Brown
    Jose Canseco
    Jason Grimsley
    David Justice, outfielder
    Chuck Knoblauch,
    Denny Neagle
    Mike Stanton
    Rondell White


    Friday, May 22 Fenway Park | 7:10 PM ET

    Johan Santana, LHP (5-2, 1.36)
    Mets (21-17) @ Daisuke Matsuzaka, RHP (0-1, 12.79)
    Red Sox (22-16)

    Scouting Report:
    Mets: Undermined by his defense yet again, Santana nonetheless pitched seven efficient innings and allowed six runs — four of them earned, and only two of them completely deserved — last Saturday against the Giants. Still, the damage was enough to nearly double his ERA, from 0.78 to 1.36. Santana’s next start will come against the Red Sox, the team he was nearly traded to after the 2007 season. He has not faced the Sox since then, but he is 1-3 with a 6.89 ERA in his career at Fenway Park.
    Red Sox: Matsuzaka makes his long-awaited return to the mound after being on the disabled list since April 15 with a right shoulder strain. The right-hander, an 18-game winner last year, was 0-1 with a 12.79 ERA in two big league starts early this season but has looked sharp in his Minor League rehabilitation outings. He made his third rehab start with Pawtucket at Toledo on May 15 and threw five innings (70 pitches, 48 strikes), yielding two runs on three hits and a walk and striking out nine.

  9. Clemens-As if he was clean with the sox…
    His Bitch Andy Pettitte-Andy was under the rockets influence,,,
    Chuck “I can’t throw to 1rst” Knobloauch-Chuckie was clean…
    Giambi………..Nigga Please-he is NOT a Yankee…
    A – Fraud-he’s never won anything as a Yankee…
    Kevin Brown-not a Yakee…
    Jose Canseco-he was a sox as well as a Yankee, you turd
    Jason Grimsley-never won anything with the Yankees…
    David Justice-if you dump Halley Berry, you’re too stupid to know any better…
    Chuck Knoblauch-hey turd, look above…
    Denny Neagle-
    Mike Stanton
    Rondell White
    The last three don’t count, not real Yankees. Accept it folks, your team was filled with cheaters, soiled the “holy grass of Fenway” and all you so called genius embraced it and cheered in hipocrytical glee!!!

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  10. I am all for differing opinions, and enjoy the input from yankee fans, like Torre from time to time who have some valid points and something to offer … this other crap spewing from ym on the front page is a disgrace to the site Timmy… Get rid of it…

  11. I’m not sure we can ban ym due to our fundamental right to free speech.

    However if it’s possible to use black magic so that when it logs in to chat and comment his signature is “yankeeman loves the cock” that would be acceptable.


    The Tard

  12. Hey guys, you guys can’t really believe the sox were totally clean back in the day and when they won it all do you??? Let’s be realistic ok??? I would have never thought Manny was a user, I always admired his consistent power and skill combined with his ability to hit in clutch situations. I admit I was surprised and disappointed to find out he cheated.

    But there were others who were a lot easier to pick out, and if you all had not had your blinders on, y’all would have seen it. Let’s see:

    * Gabe Kapler-The guy was Triple H with a glove…
    * Nomar G.-When a player goes from close to best at his position, to injury prone suck-meister, there is no other choice. The fact that he changed after marrying a totally clean Olympian, only strenghens this humble opinion.
    * Jayson V.-As you all witness the dropoff in production from this once great offensive threat, you have to admit to the true meaning of the “C” on his chest. His defense, which is not affected by his ingestion of PED’s is still stellar.
    * 3rd base Mueller-From .250 area hitter to contract year batting champ, and back again to .250, why else???
    * Big Poopie-And we’ll close with the most obvious that is yet to fail a test. A .210 hitter with warning track power in Minn. to a world beater in boston. Word is that he improved due to better coaching, LMFAO. Why didn’t that coaching work for Willy Moe Pena??? Shit, why didn’t it work for Ortiz this year???

    I know this is not the popular opinion in this venue, and let me thank TW for allowing me to voice it, but that doesn’t make it incorrect. The Mitchell Report was worthless and if the list of the 104 cheaters is ever released, expect the names listed above to be included.

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