Regression towards the mean

At least from the Orioles’ standpoint. They seem to be drifting right where everyone thought they would end up. Although Tampa Bay seems to be scuffling a bit early in the campaign. And while the hitting isn’t exactly where most fans would like it to be, a 4 game winning streak with decent pitching (and a very good bullpen thus far) helps assuage panicky feelings beget by a 2-6 start.

The Yankees have a huge Wang problem. (heh, heh). He has been terrible, and unless they invent a malady for him, I don’t think they are able to send him down (something about available options and MLB service time). And everybody they throw out there between the starters and Rivera is really terrible. Regarding the new Stadium; what are homers going to be like in the summer when they have had 20 in the first 4 games (14 to right field…did they make RF even easier than old Yankee Stadium?)?

And don’t look now; but I think the Jays might be good enough to stay in the mix all year. They have good pitching, and if they can keep swinging the bats…it could be an interesting year in the AL East with possibly 4 teams in the mix all year.

Part of the Sox stellar bullpen gets the 11 AM start today…looks like another Slingbox special..

4 thoughts on “Regression towards the mean”

  1. And whay’s wrong with HR’s??? Chief, the New Stadium is beautiful. A sport’s Cathedral that will soon be blessed by #27. The HR’s just make it more interesting. Especially with the fans interfering and the wind currents blowing out deep pop ups. Just think, Yankee Stadium on steroids and B. Selig can’t do shit about it. Although I can’t afford the 81 game package anymore, it’s still great to walk into the park and enjoy the game.

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  2. YM has a very good point…..

    Dingers are absolutely fun to see….and I’m sure the new toilet is incredible…..ought to be since it cost more than the GNP of most small countries.

    Here’s what every team needs to do when going to th’ Bronx for a series……load up on every left handed hitter they have from single A on up that can lift a pop fly to RF…and let join the party!

  3. As usual Waldo is the voice of reason.
    Yanks will be lucky to put 3 million scumbags in those seats given the pricing structure.
    Come late August when they are in 3rd place and 12 games out that place will look like Tampa pre 08.
    $750.00 a pair to sit and watch a game in April from decent seats is what every fan dreams of.
    Enjoy the day and ddon’t step in the Dog Cater.
    The Tard

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