I hate West Coast trips

And I’m glad they are getting this one out of the way early.  Frankly, I would hate the trip even if they weren’t sucking out loud…I hate falling asleep in the 7th inning (and even THEN it is midnight); although last night I obviously didn’t miss much.

Hard to believe that is the first time the Sox have played against Nomar since he left the team.  I was thinking about Nomar on my way home from work yesterday; and about how this year he will finally get to play in Fenway again.  I’m looking forward to that, and it will be nice to see the reception he gets.

I met Nomar in 1995 or 1996…it was around the time I was starting to get back into baseball after not paying as much attention in college.  My cousin was attending Mo Vaughn’s “Hit Dog” camp at Springfield College, so I went with my uncle (a true baseball nut who started a roto league in the late ’80s) to bring him up there.  I didn’t pay attention to the Sox farm system at all back then; but my uncle pointed Nomar out and said he was going to be the next Sox star (Eric Wedge was also an instructor that day).  As I was watching him last night, I was amazed at the consistency of his OCD routine still to this day.  I hope NESN does some kind of side by side of Nomar doing his routine as a Sox with him doing it as an A; just to see how much it hasn’t changed.

So on to the current situation…the hitting has to come around, right??  Right??  I’m not terribly worried about the pitching…but aside from Youks, it just isn’t happening out there right now…

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  1. Nice new look and layout. Dig it. I have finished up my bulk of work for the season, soon the streets of the subtropic paradise will be vacnt and we will have the place to ourselves and time for watchin baseball. Sorry to see that Mark Fydrich passed away. When I was in Babe Ruth I played in a summer traveling team and we went to a tournament in Northboro. I played with Ralph Houk’s grandson and on our way out of town the kids mother took us by Fydrich’s farm house and we got to go down into his basement with him to check out his collection of stuff. It was very cool and I had forgotten all about it until just yesterday. Watching him pitch for the Tigers in his rookie year was great TV.

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  2. Im well… have an 18-month old kid and have been working for Microsoft the past 2.5 years. All in all, no complaints. How is everyone here? I saw a homeless guy on the subway the other day (he wet himself) and I could have sworn it was mbf. Is that possible?

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