Almost there!

Been a little caught up in the NCAAs with UConn being still in it, but don’t think I’m not psyched that baseball is around the corner.

I know I promised an in-depth post on my thoughts about the upcoming season; but then I thought of two things:

  1. What the hell do I know?
  2. Who cares what I have to say?

With that, here is my prediction for the AL East:

  1. Sox
  2. Rays
  3. Jays
  4. Yanks
  5. O’s

I think the injury bug is going to hurt the Yanks pitching staff (I predict Burnett, Pettite, and Joba see significant downtime) and I don’t like their outfield.  I might be being too kind to the Rays; but I really do hope they continue to be a force.  I just put the Jays 3rd ’cause I wanted to put the Yanks closer to the bottom; and the O’s are entrenched in their spot.

Here’s to another great year at…almost time to get the chat buzzing again!

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  1. Looking forward to baseball again on my TV. I’m very optimistic with the Red Sox pitching. Don’t have HDTV yet. Am waiting for the next generation of Samsung LED based sets with 240 Mhz refresh to come out. Have fingers crossed on the health of Lowell and Drew and awakening of Tek. Hoping that Jake as a regular will blossom. Counting on continued success for Pedroia and Youk. Hope Bay excels and they sign him long term. Hope Lugo gets healthy and Lowrie is for real. Hats off to Schilling on doing so much for the Red Sox fans in doing what he promised. All is not for sure for another guaranteed WS Championship, but then I never subscribed to or lived the spoiled Yankee mentality. I live day to day and enjoy the trip, suffer the losses and try not to blame specific players or the FO. Shit happens and I live with it.

  2. Well, Ellsbury had a .292 obp this spring. Thatll work out swell.

    Teks hitting adjustments have worked- he checked in with a .217 ba, and a sizzling .245 obp.

    Jason Bay had a fine spring- hi a hot .263, and struck out once every 3 at bats.

    I predict that a disgusted Ortiz will leave the team in July, and board an el al flight for Israel.


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  3. All is lost according to Rich. Benj came to chat tonight but Rich is watching the Celtics and Cater is watching the Bruins. The Globe chat is down for a reconstruction so Law2005 and Moonslav are in withdrawal. It’s a tough week being a pessimist when you have no audience to respond to perpetual drivel and negativity. As Waldo said ” No one comes to the room anymore”, I wonder why. I hope that changes because I miss chat – but you reap what you sow.

  4. Cathy,

    I dont recall when you started showing up on here….I dont recall you ever being in the chat room much, if at all….

    I have no problem with you taking part, if fact I encourage friends and other on line acquaintances to check out this site if they are interested in the Sox.

    That being said, you seem to overlook the fact that just about every “regular” on this site has pointed out to you that your snide, negative, and mostly bitter remarks about the people who have established a defacto “family” of sorts in the chat room, is largely met with a combination of puzzled amusement and an even larger degree of annoyance.

    You cannot railroad you way into being accepted as a member of this group….and certainly by alienating everyone with your caustic comments, you will never be given much cred. Take it from someone who makes his living talking to people who are usually highly unresponsive to having a conversation……you catch far more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

    You have no idea, and no right, to make such outrageous comments about the people who frequent this site. You dont know them, and you wont get to know them if you continue to be such a pain in the ass.

    I have tried to be nice to you and point this out a couple of times….but you want no part of it, or you are too dense to understand….I dont think you are dense.

    So, cathy…who are you?…

  5. Look-

    a lot of my posts are tongue in cheek. theyre supposed to present a laugh, of sorts, while baked in some truth.

    I AM concerned about ells obp, which began tailing off last year.

    I AM concerned that no matter what tek says, hes now a .230 hitter.

    i AM concerned that Bay will provide enough Manny behind ortiz.

    I AM concerned about lowells health.

    However, I AM in great spirits about the sox pitching- from the starters thru the middle relievers, down to King Jon. The seeming health of Brad Penny and his mid 90s fballs is huge.

    Butt the salient point which has now arisen in the al east , is the emergence of the Rays- now the sox have TWO teams to fight to get into october.

    Uncle rich

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  6. Rich:
    Well, Ellsbury had a .292 obp this spring. Thatll work out swell.

    Teks hitting adjustments have worked- he checked in with a .217 ba, and a sizzling .245 obp.

    Jason Bay had a fine spring- hi a hot .263, and struck out once every 3 at bats.

    I predict that a disgusted Ortiz will leave the team in July, and board an el al flight for Israel.


    I mean, no one ever goes into the room anymore…..I hope that changes…I miss chat

    All is lost according to Rich. ” No one comes to the room anymore”, I wonder why. I hope that changes because I miss chat – paraphrasing Waldo.

    Just pointing out ( like Waldo did above ) following “doom and gloom’ by Rich ) that nobody comes to the room. Waldo was subtle about it and I was not. Please forgive me.

    No mention by Rich of the great ST stats of Carter, Brown, Green, apparent recovery of Lowell and Bucholz. One is not add to the morale of a room by being negative all of the time was my perception and reaction. I am not in a popularity contest. Should I be a mirror image of the room pessimists to become more popular. Loyalty takes a back seat to optimism, I’d rather see the glass as being half-full. Labeling those who are always negative as being pessimists is not being caustic or disingenuous or evil, it is being accurate and honest.

    Chat rooms are not fraternities or platoons in combat where loyalty is vital. I just come here to hear opinions and become more informed about the Red Sox. When I see “doom and gloom” comments from the same posters time after time when the situation does not warrant it then I feel compelled to wonder if there is a troll in the house. Should I ignore those reactions and say that the pessimists are just playing a game, just toying with us. Ignoring them is similar to agreeing with them.

    Me negative? I am the optimist about the Red Sox in this room. Perhaps Waldo wants me to become more like the gang and be negative, pessimistic, anti-Theo all the time, anti-media, and be a Manny apologist. In doing so, I would certainly become more popular by spreading myself thin and having no opinions and become a YES MAN. I choose not to do so. Sorry for my perception that pessimistic posters are pessimistic – yes that is OUTRAGEOUS and CAUSTIC. I know them by their comments in here, that is all that I go by. Perhaps Waldo knows them personally and knows that they are pretending and playing a game – if that is the case, then the room is a haven of pretenders signifying nothing, the comments not to be taken seriously by anyone. So why in a den of game playing, is a bit of sincerity scorned upon?
    Read the post by Rich above again. Is he trying to allienate, spark a reaction, irritate, be controversial or is it merely my imagination.

  7. I miss being booted from the chat room.

    F Grady Little

    F Johnny Damon

    F Manny

    F Rawga

    F $2,500.00 seats in the Bronx

    F Rain Outs

    F West Coast Post Season Games



  8. jesus, is that bitch still chiming on? sounds like the labcoat lady to me. in fact, i bet it is indeed ms. labcoat, who is famous for he/she feeling the necessity to let a family know a loved one had cancer based on an x-ray, despite the fact it was the doctor’s job to do so. Vero Beach…..and Cathy….eerily familiar

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  9. alright…I’m 3 drinks into a bottle of ol’ grandad…so fuck it.

    Cathy. …who the fuck are YOU to decide what this site and the chat room is or isnt…??? I’ll tell you…you aint the one to determine anything…mind your fucking manners and keep your horseshit to yourself.

    The culture of this chat room was decided long before you graced us with your presence, and frankly, no one gives a rats ass what you think about any one of us. the culture of this chat room will continue to be driven by those of us who have been here from the beginning. That aint you, even if you are some sort of “ex-patriot” with a hair across your ass.

    You comments on the Sox are usually taken into consideration..but your comments on the people in here is what I was referring to in my previous post. If you cannnot decern the difference between comments regarding the Sox, obvious tongue in cheek comments from any one of us, and downright acidic comments about the character of us who comprise this room and site, then fuck you….go back to school and get a clue.

    Or…you can continue with your horseshit, and we will continue to consider you in the same regard I consider the Maine black fly…..annoying little shits that have to be endured for a few weeks each year to live in a place that gives me great pleasure.

    Go take a fucking midol and lighten up.

  10. What I’m concerned about is that when we get to game 7 of the World Series in October and we don’t have a big bat to drive in runs then we are in big trouble. I will be glum until we get that big bat to replace Manny. I know that we have 170+ games to play before then but I am not able to enjoy or be content with that problem unresolved. I wish that Theo had done something about it but he seems to be unconcerned. What do you guys think.

  11. rich Says:

    March 27th, 2009 at 9:40 am






    Was Rich drinking that Moonshine made in Belfast, Maine when he went on this rant?

  12. rich was depressed that day and without medications. Turning to cheap wine, he soon fell into compulsive seizures and his blood pressure shot up into the mid 200s.

    There was only one try left:



    I apologize. It wont happen again.

    Until the next time.

    warm regards,
    uncle rich

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  13. Spo-

    I too share concerns about no manny. Im hoping and watching Bay closely, hoping he can give say, 85% of manny production.

    Thats the only hope we have. Plus rememeber, the pitching looks terrific, so the runs differential should improve, which is the real key.


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  14. Waldo:
    If you cannnot decern the difference between comments regarding the Sox, obvious tongue in cheek comments from any one of us, and downright acidic comments about the character of us who comprise this room and site, then fuck you….go back to school and get a clue.

    Waldo Says:
    August 7th, 2008 at 7:43 am
    Typical Cater rant…”The Sox dont take care of the players that make them win”……uh…$160,000,000.00……not saying he didnt earn it….but he, or you have no cause to whine about being taken care of.

    Why should the Sox exercise any option before they need to? WhAT WOULD BE THE ADVANTAGE TO THAT?….that is why the option date is in November. The Sox FO DID NOT…repeat after me…DID NOT make a mistake in not exercising Manny’s option early…in fact I’d say…there goes your proof.

    I’d say the other 24 players in that clubhouse deserve to be listened to ….clearly they are in a position to “know” more than us, the media and even the FO. Manny created his own witch-hunt…much like Pedro did.

    Rich, Cater…you talk out of both sides of your mouth…as usual. You can slight someone else for quoting various members of the media, but it is a different story when you do???…please. You have no more or less “inside” information than any of us, and we all rely of the media for that.

    Fact is, other than the sweetest swing by a RH hitter I’ve ever seen, coupled with the ability to hit baseballs better than almost anyone, Manny has little to offer, and alot that leaves a bitter taste in ones mouth….from his self-centered manchild “Manny bein Manny” act, to his refusal to be a team player, to taking part in any community/jimmy fund team organized event…he couldnt be bothered to go to DC and spend time with the troops….while EVERY other member of the team did. The list goes on and on…..Manny is a self centered pain in the ass that happens to hit the snot oujt of the ball. You would have him hold the other 24 players and the entire organization hostage. If you think he is that important…so be it…but at least be honest enough to recognize why he is no longer here,,,,and dont place the blame on anyone but the man himself.

  15. once again Cathy…I dont see your point…my comments were my opinion regarding Manny and the FO…and not an attack on cater.

    Your comments, from my point of view, are just the opposite….you use a little Sox fodder to attack people in here.

    I dont always agree with each person in here, at other times I do…in any case I dont attack them, because I care about them.

    Finally, I’m tired of debating it with you…you are not going to change because it’s crystal clear why you post.

  16. To be fair and objective about past chat, Cater often calls other chatters morons when they raise a legitimate point and test his pessimistic rants and vendetta vs the FO and Theo. He has called PSF and many others morons when they disagree with him. For some reason Cater is given a pass or a license to rant and be abusive while others are not treated the same. It is true that Cater and several others are the founding fathers of the forum from the days of the Globe circus in 1999 but that should not excuse them from being tolerant and objective to newcomers or rookies. Many of the regulars have left for valid reasons. To give you an example I offer the following dialogue from last year.

  17. crab Says:

    July 28th, 2008 at 12:01 pm
    Gammons: I find it a little different this time around. I don’t sense that this rallying of ‘poor Manny’ [in the clubhouse]. There’s a sense that… they’re trying to fight for their lives, they’ve had a lot of guys hurt, they’re out on the road… ‘let’s see, I’m not going to play the two games this season against [Mariners pitcher Felix] Hernandez. He didn’t play the two games against [Yankees pitcher Joba] Chamberlain. He didn’t play against [Reds pitcher Edinson] Voquez. He didn’t play against [Tigers pitcher Justin] Verlander. I think other teammates look at that and say ‘Oh, he doesn’t want to play against the hard throwers,’ take the day… I think that’s also worn people out. …

    dannycater Says:

    July 28th, 2008 at 1:59 pm
    You think Manny is the first superstar to avoid certain pitchers. There are many greats that found ways to sit out against fireballers or guys that they felt they were owned by that pitcher. Bottom line, Manny produces amid his own controversy. There’s no need to trade him, it would, as manny said not help the team. In the offseason, they won’t pick up his option and MORONS LIKE CRAB CAN BE HAPPY WHEN THE SOX GO BACK TO THE 1990s 2 guys hitting, 7 guys banjo playing, 5 guys platooning…and missing the playoffs due to a lack of offensive pun

  18. Calling Crab a MORON was wrong. Crab was well read and the subsequent events and history and info. from Schilling and Papelbon proved him correct. Such vicious personal attacks and name-calling are out of bounds , even my good friend Spot would agree with that. Morons like Crab were correct, that should have been shown some respect. The only ones left in the room are those who give license to others for anything said and come down heavy on new people with legitimate opinions. Sad. “My buddies from 1999, right or wrong, my buddies” Calling Cater a gentleman and tolerant by Waldo is stretching things a bit.

  19. No; the only ones left in the room are those without paper-thin skin. Cater is a dick sometimes. But his knowledge and passion outweigh his dickishness in my opinion.

    And guess whose opinion really matters? That’s right; the guy who does all the work and pays all the bills.

  20. du kinda called this yesterday:

    CC Sabathia and the new-look New York Yankees absorbed an old-fashioned beating on Opening Day.

    Sabathia allowed six runs and failed to get through the fifth inning in his first start with New York, and the Yankees lost to the Orioles, 10-5, yesterday in Baltimore.


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  21. GAME ON

    I know lately we have all lost a little interest in the Sox as they are no longer the lightning rod for criticism that they were when we all met in I for one have become a bit complacent, like being a 49ers fan back in their hayday. So let’s me be the first to say it and get the ball rolling, FITE TITO, Ortiz is the next Mo Vaughn, Lowrey and Lugo need a Bennifer Name Lowgo so I can abuse them when they hit into double plays all year. ETC ETC ETC good times.

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  22. Opening Day Bitches !

    Get your sorry asses to the chat room.

    After 04 baseball has become entertainment.

    Thankfully I no longer need to endure the chant 1918, it rang in my head for hours after leaving that s_ _ t hole in the bronx.

    No more do they point and laugh and talk the talk that is talked when there are 30 of them and 2 of us.

    We will also own the new S_ _ T Hole in the bronx after the 7 th inning.

    We will drink their beer, steal their horses and have mad monkey sex with thier women.

    I now taunt and berate the skank fans, I am the Alpha Male in North Jersey.


  23. i love this analysis of my posts. as for manny, the team is no closer to winning the WS title without him. if the sox win, i’m excited, and will be thankful. but the reality is they lack that dynamic hitter who when the team slumps as a whole will be the go-to guy. Pedroia and Youks did everything they could last year, as did Bay. So I stand by my comments. The sox in Game 7 of the ALCS proved a perfect example of what I meant. A team that lacked pop in a big game with holes in the lineup. The Sox do have a guy who could potentially be that guy, but No. 34 has to take it upon himself to be a terror this season. We’ll see.

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  24. In game 181 this year when we need Manny at bat in a close game – I will think, worry, belabor, analyze, obsess about that predicament when the time arrives. Right now is the time to relish the sounds and sights of life along the path of day to day existence as life unfolds a day at a time.

    Are the Yankees really going with this Ellsbury clone in CF named Gardner? The team of Champions who once had Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle out there now has a banjo hitter. Is Possada going to break the records on passed balls this year? Any “passionate” Yankee fan is second-guessing the FO. Are they worrying about game #181 and seeing Gardner come up to bat in a close game – only the “passionate” fan would have such worries.

  25. . Jorge Posada is 37, ancient for a catcher, and recovering from the second shoulder surgery of his career. Hideki Matsui is recovering from knee surgery and can barely run any more. The increasingly fragile Johnny Damon can no longer handle center field. Whether Alex Rodriguez will be the same after returning from hip surgery is an open question; whether he is or not, the Yankees are on the hook for nine more years, until A-Rod is 41 years old. And of course, there’s Jeter, geriatric for a shortstop, and seemingly in denial about the decline in his skills. Sabathia and Burnette will be busts on the DL for much of the year. Tex is hitting .000 – same as Rich’s favorite Injun.
    Let’s hope that the “passionate” Yankee fans don’t jump off the Verrazano Bridge come September.

  26. yes, let’s analyze the yankees failings for losing the first game of the season….geez louise. they have 161 more to go. as for the sox, ellsbury is a ticking time clock. he could be a flash in the pan, or a great contributor. i have no idea which way he will go.

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