The good news is…

…the Sox have never lost a game I attended while they were facing elimination.  Game 6 in 2004, Game 6 last year.  My wife and I will be there tomorrow night, so hopefully the streak continues.

I’m honestly not too confident in a repeat of 2004/2007 comebacks.  The Rays are just a flat out better team right now.  If the next 3 Sox starters can pitch like they are able to, then there is SOME chance…but I’m not feelin’ it.

I do like the fact that Maddon moved Kazmir to Game 5.

On one hand….

…the game did end before midnight.

On the other hand, I didn’t go to bed until 3 AM because…

2008 ALDS

I was at the game.

I checked Craigslist at 3:30 just for the heck of it…and see that someone is selling 3 seats for a reasonable price.  I call the guy, and he still has them.  I figured if I could get one person to commit, I’d take the tickets and worry about a 3rd person later.  Leave 3 messages, get a live person on the 4th call.  The guy commits, so I call the seller back.  Just as I’m about to say “I’ll take them”, I get an email from my friend that he forgot about his kid’s soccer practice, and he can’t go.  So I tell the seller I’ll call back.

Talk to 2 other guys, and both reluctantly decline…I’m about to give up, when the 3rd message I left calls me back and tells me he’s in.  I call the seller, tell him I’ll take them…when he informs me that I have to drive to Winsted, CT to pick up the tickets.  So I leave my office in Bloomfield, CT at 4:10 and drive up there.  I get to the seller’s work at 4:55, and realize something terrible.

I left my wallet on my desk at work.

Suddenly I remember that I have a checkbook in my glove compartment (a minor miracle in itself; I rarely write checks), so I figure I’ll give it a shot.  I go see the guy, and tell him I’m really sorry, but I forgot my wallet…would he take a check?  I would have totally understood if he said no…then I get the idea to log into my online banking on his computer so he can see the check is good.  This works for him, I write a check, and have to now double back to Bloomfield to get my wallet.  My friend meets me in Tolland, CT and we head up to the game.  His brother lives in Boston, and he’s taking the 3rd ticket.

My friend takes the most roundabout route I’ve ever seen to get to Fenway, and we have a helluva time finding parking.  We eventually park in the Worchester area and get into the park about 5 minutes before first pitch.  Seats weren’t great (last row in Secton 4), but hey…we were in the park, and that’s all that matters, right?

Here’s the route:

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If you need me, I’ll be sleeping until Friday night.

Can a game end before midnight, please?

And can TBS hire some more ad salesmen before 2009?  As far as I can tell, besides the in-house FrankTV ads, they only sold the following:

  1. Cal Ripken “Snake Eyyyessss”
  2. Viagra
  3. Captain Morgan

With an 8:37 start time tonight, I’m guessing tonight isn’t the night for pre-midnight.  Here’s hoping for no more Sox playoff games until Friday night.

All over but the crying?

Those of you who watched the entire game were probably thinking the exact same thing I was in the bottom of the 8th after Masterson gave up the triple and Paps came in….”If he was willing to use Paps for 2; why not just have him start the inning??”

Well, it all worked out in the end, didn’t it?

And how about the fact that every time a player made a big swing, the TBS announcer assumed it was a home run….until Drew’s shot, which was actually 20 feet behind the wall, where he must have been tempering his calls after being burned so many times.  To be far, I thought Ortiz’ double was a HR as well.

Wouldn’t it be something if all 4 DS series went 3 games?  The Brewers are winning as I type this, so that might not happen…but wouldn’t it be something?

Integrated chat is back

I rolled back to a previous version of Flashchat that still works with WordPress; you now need to enter your main password to get into chat.  If you don’t remember your main password, drop me a line ( and I’ll reset it for you.

If you don’t HAVE a main password, simply register and you’ll be all set.

With the playoffs, the last thing we want is people running amok in chat, so no more logging in under whatever name you want.  If I have time today, I’ll try to clean up this theme I had to slap on last week because my old one broke.


Welcome to Soxtober, baby!

Fresh up from a 2 hour nap, and it’s time for some playoff baseball.

Based on his Game 1 performance in Chicago, methinks we’re going to miss Manny just a little bit.  Hopefully, it isn’t fatal.

See you in PSF chat!