Quite a lively discussion going on here…

Nice to see people come flocking back to chime in over the past couple of weeks.

I’m still sad to have seen Manny go, but I suppose 10-3 since it happened does say a little bit about how good it may have been for the Sox (and good for the Dodgers as well).  They face some good pitching tonight, let’s see if the hit parade continues.

I’m headed to Boston tomorrow for the game…here’s hoping Beckett spins a beauty.

Resume comments!

83 thoughts on “Quite a lively discussion going on here…”

  1. Do you really need someone to elaborate on the timeless expression “to chime in”?…..

    to offer an opinion…

    to make a comment…

    a person’s “two cents worth”…uh oh….now I’ll have to explain that………..


    I agree with PSF……nice to see some lively discussion in here again….and for folks to “chime in”

  2. So….it appears that PSF will get “the bird” instead of Beckett. Hope the weather is hot and clear, the beer cold, Fan’s hat still fugly, and the Sox continue to slaughter opposing pitching. My guess is that Byrd will get the Sox into the 7th with a lead, or at least still in the game. He could be a decent pick up for the final leg….hell, he really cant be much worse than Bucholz is right now.

  3. Or Beckett can shit the bed while Manny hits another homer for the closer-to-a-playoff spot Dodgers. . .I still continue my prediction that Pedroia will win the batting title. . .Twins and Chisox are making it almost imperative Sox make up the 4-1/2 to catch Rays. . .Do not count on the wild card to save the Sox.

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  4. I know there is still alot of season to go..and this seasons outcome is unknown, but how about a discussion about what moves or non-moves the Sox may entertain in the upcoming off-season?

    There’s alot to consider.

    Ample money coming off the books ….and some real attractive guys out there to go after if the FO is so inclined.

    Do the Sox give Varitek another run?…if so, for how long and how much?

    Do the Sox try to extend Bay?…should they now…or wait til next season is over?

    What about Lugo?….maybe he is just experiencing “rookie sensationalism”, but Lowrie appears to be ready to step in as the everyday SS.

    What about Bucholz?

    Would the Sox really ever consider going after Texiera given that either Youks or Lowell would have to be moved?

    C.C. Sabathia?…..keep him from the Yanks…and have two of the best LH pitchers in the same rotation…..

    Will the Sox re-up the ol’ farts again….ie Wakes and Timlin?

    If the Sox do decide to pass on the Capt’n…or if a deal cannot be struck….what is life after Varitek going to be like?

    What other incumbent Sox players are going to be FA’s?

    Who’s ready on the farm to make an impact next year?

    Who would you like to see the Sox set their sights on?

  5. Wait on Bucholz, too much potential there to give up on so soon.
    Have hope that Varitek has a good last six weeks, take into consideration that his divorce may have affected his lack of hitting this year. Then, resign him at the most two years for $14 mil. Consider having him as a coach down the road. At same time hope that this Espinosa develops to his potential. Keep looking at Cash and Kotteras.
    Go after Sabbathia hard, he’s a blue chipper and also need to raise his price to Yanks and / or get him ourselves.
    Lowrey is better, but keep Lugo as a super-sub on the bench, we aren’t rich enough to eat his contract. Hope for the best. .260 and no power, but power this year is 25 HRs. in the no steroid era.
    If we don’t succeed in getting Sabatthia, go after Texiera with the $$$ since Lowell’s health is far from a sure thing. Keep Casey as a super sub.
    On Pawsox, VanEvery, Bailey, and Carter have good power. Keep eye on this Lars Anderson on Seadogs. Bowden might be ready next year.
    Look at rest of season for Bay and consider extending him this winter if he can be had at a decent price of say four yrs. for $48 mil?
    Release Timlin. The one year rentals on Wakes are good, can’t beat the price.

  6. I’ll be the bad guy here.
    I’m not feeling great about the sox chances at this point.. Starters are inconsistent bull pen other then paps is atrocious Offense other then the recent outburst against Texas is sluggish…. Schedule is iffy 20 games at home 18 on the road……. 6 games left with the (we don’t lose) rays a few with the chisox .. the yanks will try to be spoilers as I just don’t see them making the post at all at this point and they have a tougher schedule to finish.. Sigh

  7. Judging by the Sox track record with signing ballplayers, maybe they shouldn’t wait on extending Bay. . .I’d give Varitek his unconditional release, shock the club, shock everyone but have some other veteran catcher off the waiver wire to finish out the year with Cash…Then I’d do whatever it took to make a trade with Atlanta to acquire Brian McCann. . .including trading Beckett and top prospects. . .I’d buyout what’s left of L’ugh’o. . .I’d waive Crisp after this season so that it’s clear Ellsbury is on his own in center. . .Sox need to make a concerted effort to bolster the middle pen. . .Release Timlin, give him a gold watch. . .Go out and search for a big-bopper hitter to protect Ortiz, a guy who can win a game with a big swing. .. Oh wait, they had that. . .*violins*. . .*nevermind*

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  8. Read this recent comment by Rich:

    rich // Aug 1, 2008 at 8:47 am
    What concluded yesterday was a red headed stepchild of the sox heil hitler refusal to reup contracts until they damn well please.

    In another world, manny was happy yesterday, renogotiated here, extended here, whatever, and getting ready to turn ballgames for the rest of the year.

    Lets examine the word ‘management’, briefly.

    Which the sox, all to often, dont do. So they ended up paying heavily for a mistaken situation which they bore.

    Im disgusted.

  9. I refuse to write off the ’08 Sox, but the Twins, Chisox, Rays simply don’t lose games to anyone. It’s ridiculous. We’ll see how this pans out, but Drew doing his typical extended-stay out of lineup-malady is getting a little old. He’s brittle and for all of his pretty good start to the season, he’s steadied out sort of like Big Brown in the Belmont. Here is where the team really needs a Drew and he’s hurt as usual. At least Vtek doesn’t beg out like Drew does often.

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  10. Cater is from Medford according to Rich. It is just a game that he plays pretending that he is from LA. Cater won’t spend his hard earned dollars on NESN or MLB.com or DirectTV, so when he talks about the imperfection of anyone’s stance or swing, just consider it 100% unadulterated bullshit. Cater is Rich, or else when Cater says “Jump”, Rich says “How high”.
    Cater always posts the negative, never has a good word, praise, joy about anything.
    Yesterday we won because of heroics by Lowrie, Pedroia, Crisp, and MDC, great defense by Bay and Ellsbury, but Cater comes in bitching about Drew being on the disabled list despite MRIs justifying it. Cater’s MO is wearing thin, when will you people wake up and stop kissing his ass. Yes he and Rich and all of the clones, Yesmen, and enablers have ruined the room. No one comes here anymore because they are sick of these assholes and enablers.
    Cater is one of the assholes eho love to pick on Tomase of the Herald and won’t forgive him despite Tomase’s apology. Patriots lost because of the Tomase column, not because Asante dropped an interception and the Patriots offense sucked. He always needs a scapegoat. So now scapegoat is Drew, yesterday it was Theo, other days it is Lugo, Crisp, Cora. Simple minded folks love to bitch and always blame someone, it is never tough luck, or perhaps we aren’t as good as Tampa Bay or the LA Angels, no, it must be Theo’s fault. When we beat the Yanks in 2004, it wasn’t the stolen base, nope it was Manny. How simplistic a mind. Yes, the room sucks because, like Bo said last week, Cater is a passionate fan whom I love now but used hate at first. Bo, first impressions are usually correct. He is a self proclaimed know-it-all who is not a true fan, don’t waste you time listening to him and his Fascist under every stone suckup Rich. Did you ever wonder why Cater and Rich both live in Medford / Malden and don’t have TV, yet are both experts on the Red Sox strengths and weaknesses. That is bullshit, swallow it if you like to eat shit.

  11. Crab, you seriously need to lighten up….. I find your post embarrassing.. you are freaking out… We are all sox fans… we all have different points of view..Rich is not Cater cater is not rich ..I know this FOR SURE ok, It’s a forum … they can proclaim whatever they wish. I don’t agree with everything they say so what……..

  12. I doubt that Cater even agrees with what he says. Does that make a forum something that we wish to come to and to participate in? Not me. I expect posters to the forum to be genuine, not clowns who wish to antagonize. When you meet people everyday, do you want all of them to be phonies?

  13. As Waldo said, Cater speaks out of both sides of his mouth all of the time. So, why, is he reatarded, forgetful, or just trying to bug you – take your pick and then test your level of intolerance or how much time that you wish to waste in here. Waldo has decided to minimize his time in here, as a multitude of others did before him. Cater and Rich are Sox fans??, it doesn’t seem so to me. They may well be Manny fans, but I doubt that they are really Sox fans. Perhaps at one time they were Sox fans but are now so spoiled that they make me feel embarassed.

  14. why is this a cater rant?? You think wally minimizes his time because of cater?? bwaaaahahahahhahaha Perhaps he has a JOB that limits the chat time he used to have to chat??? I am not belittling your opinions as far as the sox go but jesus… get over it

  15. seriously Crab,

    Get a grip. I can assure you that I don’t “minimize” my time in here on account of anyone. As Bo pointed out…I have other responsibilities that limits my time these days. Things change….when I worked for Greenpoint, and then later owned my own business, I could be logged in virtually all the time….not the case anymore. Further, when I am not at work, I have many other things I am trying to accomplish that take up alot of my time…..at the risk of having my Sox fanship revoked…I’ll let you in on a little secret….I have missed as many as 10-15 games this season due to my busy schedule….haven’t missed a Sox game in 5 years.

    Crab….you are insistent in partaking in a pissing contest that you will lose.

    Cater can rub all of us the wrong way from time to time…that is the point. Just let it go…he is also one of the more knowledgeable Sox fans I’ve encountered, knows his history, and is somewhat of a stat geek…he is also a very bright and interesting guy…if you get past his schtick. Cater is one of us…and yes, as it has been pointed out to you before…most of us in here have been through alot together over the past 5-6 years…and we do consider ourselves somewhat of a family….

    It has been commented many times that Bo is the “defacto” den mother of this rag-tag group…and it is true….it is also true that Rich is the “cub master”. You really don’t want to go down that path…..you wont find any friends or any support.

    Rich and I…as well as Cater and I, often disagree….I also disagree with PSF…with Bo, with Chucks, with you, with spot…you name em…I disagree with em…sometimes. I also hae alot regard for each of them…sorta like a family, eh?

    Finally Crab….when you are talking baseball, you are interesting to talk to….but you aint talking baseball lately, you are using baseball and this forum for a personal vendetta against two of “the family”. I suggest you consider your motivation….and move back to baseball. It’s ok to disagree…even better to throw in a light-hearted and harmless “shot” at each other now and again….keeps the forum interesting and most of us enjoy the wit and the humor that such comments are meant to be. This IS suppose to be entertaining as well as informative….but we all are limited to our own opinions…you included.

    Relax, have fun…take a prozac if you need to…but get a grip…please.

  16. Soooo……

    What the hell is going on at NESN and the Globe??

    Evidently, a major shake-up.

    “The chest”, otherwise known as Hazel Mae..gone..(sorry ladies…I got hormones…I am a guy after all). Never been impressed with either of the blond bimbo’s that now reside in the studio and on the field….Tappan and Watney…although I do like Merloni…good addition there.

    Edes gone….sheesh…not to sound like I’m picking on the fairer sex, but c’mon…Amalie is just horrible…unprepared and stumbling through her presentations…not to mention she has absolutely nothing of value to say when she manages to finally spit it out.

    Mazz is coming to the Globe…another winy-assed finger pointing self involved moron. As irratating as CHB is…he is a decent writer when he sticks to commentary that doesnt involve himself and his vendetta’s.

    I am not impressed with the recent moves…..I can only attribute these moves to be financial in nature….because clearly the talent level has diminished significantly.

  17. May I chime in with my thoughts in this ongoing feud between dannycater and Crab? I have read all of the forum posts for this year. Needless to say they are entertaining. What Waldo says seems to have merit, that psf members come to chat and post in the forum for entertainment. The Cater rant, while signifying nothing from an informational prospective, is the highlight of the chat session. When Cater enters the room, mice, spiders, and cluster flies come out of the woodwork. If you have ever been to the Globe forum, you will realize that the topics that receive the most traffic are those that are lame, nonsensical, childish, racial, emotional, and controversial. Those who post informative, coherent, adult, well-thought out topics get very little traffic. Such is human nature, which is why Hollywood gossip tv shows have higher ratings than the nightly news.
    I have been in chat when Youk got hit by a pitch on the wrist, left the game, and Rich and Bo thought that it was very funny, perhaps they were both drunk. That is behavior that we expect from our den mother and cub master? Since when does a “cub master” equate Theo to a Fascist or Hitler? Is this the entertainment that Waldo expects from his fraternity?
    I have read all of the dannycater posts during the last year and see very little knowledge from him that Crab and Waldo do not have. His act seems being to be the devil’s advocate to anything that Theo, Henry, or Tito do. I also heard him say in chat that he doesn’t watch Red Sox games, pregame or postgame. His contempt for all columnists, reporters, and announcers is obvious in his chat droppings.
    His irritating chat and posts to the forum are indeed entertaining but so is the Comedy Channel. Anyway, I might return to chat soon to giggle at dannycater and chrishouse humor.

  18. That last post was hideous. First of all… I challenge you to EVER find a post in which I or Rich thought Youk getting hit was funny. bullshit Never happened … Post the actual chat at that time or STFU ” Oh I once heard cater say this or I heard Rich say that… It’s a God dam forum, how sad are YOU to take it so seriously that you don’t see the humor in the whole thing or cant take someones goddam opinion. Jesus…. PATHETIC..

  19. I will wait on PSF finding that night’s chat record.

    But, what do you mean on “It’s a God dam forum, how sad are YOU to take it so seriously that you don’t see the humor in the whole thing or cant take someones goddam opinion. Jesus…. PATHETIC..

    What is the translation of the above? We are not to take anyone seriously because it is a forum, is that what you say? So if someone laughs when Youk gets hit, we are not to take that seriously? I don’t get the humor, sorry. Opinions, why do I get upset? Yes. I get upset when the media is always 100% wrong according to Cater. I know that he really doesn’t believe this himself, but why is that his schtick to pretend that the media is always wrong. Today I learned that Waldo is also an enabler of the Cater schtick. I was here the other night when Northern said that Manny was an asshole and everyone hid under their chair, PATHETIC>

  20. Vero,

    To start with, you have been an occasional visitor to the room/chat, you certainly are no authority on the so called “regulars” on this site. I feel I can speak for everyone when I say you and all others are welcome as are your opinions,,,and perhaps you may obtain the “regular” status at some point…if it is worth it to you….not really much of a distinction…but like anywhere else, one has to earn his way thru the pecking order. I can tell you this…unless one is part of the conversation at the time it takes place, one really has little idea what is truly going on, and all are welcome, and you are certainly….reading the chat transcripts after the fact leaves alot unsaid in terms of intent and purpose. You may not like it…but tough shit,,,that’s the way ti is when you have a group of people who are close knit and play off from each other. I can assure you that none of us, which incluje Bo and Rich would laugh about Tek getting hit and hurt…..the very idea is ridiculous. Perhaps you took some comments out of context…or there may of been private comments that were involved that you have no knowledge of….who knows…or cares.

    Cater is acerbic…so what…that is part of his online persona…dont like it…ignore him, or move on. If you’d care to pry beyond the outer shell you might be surprised at what you would find. I dont exalt Cater…but I will stand behind my earlier statements…he is quite bright, very knowledgeable, and my friend. We have taken many occasions to talk about things beyond the Sox, and have got to know each other…so I do feel qualified to make such a statement.

    If you havent figured it out yet…let me impart a little “secret” to you….some of us make comments and statements that need to be taken with a grain of salt. What we rant and rave about one night….say when the Sox are getting blown out and say Tek k’s 4 times….might be completely different than our opinion the following night when the Sox win on a Tek dinger…..frankly, that scenario sounds like a typical Sox fan to me.

    Point is…rich, cater and whoever else happens to be in your sights, are passionate Sox fans…therefore they express their frustrations as well as their joy….THAT, my friend is what this forum is all about. What better format than this site to do so.

    I suggest that you and crab get with the program….we have already defined what this site is about, and how it will continue to be….either jump aboard and enjoy, or take your half-assed analysis to the Dr. Phil website/chatroom.

  21. Point is, as you well know it, is that Cater is ALWAYS frustrated and it gets boring. The closeknit room is always pessimistic and critical, never joyful, correct me if I am wrong on this.Pecking order, sounds like a fraternity as I said before. Open up the gates to some new blood. Since when were you in charge Waldo, are the the new PSF? Why was the room never critical of Foulke on his downside, where were the objective people? Why is the prevailing consensus in the room anti-FO? It really seems like a fraternity and a bunch of Yesmen to me. The room would definitely be improved if more people had their own true opinions instead of folding under peer-group pressure.
    If Cater is acerbic ( acidic or bitter) , then that is his problem not mine, perhaps he should learn to be more mellow, pleasant, and likeable at first impression. He pissed off Bo at first impression. But his problem is also that he dictates which players are to be liked and which are to be despised and the room follows him blindly. Sorry to insult those who worship his every post. But I read before I come to the room.

    I am also a passionate Red Sox fan and I go to bed saying “Why God, do you allow me to suffer like this, what did I do to deserve this fate”, and I blame it on karma, bad luck, and myself. I rarely blame things on the FO, and the media, that seems juvenile to me. Guess that I am not with the program at PSF according to Waldo. Express your frustrations at PSF in public, life is a bitch, we all know that. We also know that Tek is hitting .220, do you have to go to the MT. Top and shout it, we all know it already. What are you telling tus hat we don’t already know? Drew had a bad year in 2007, thanks Cater for letting us be aware of that. Does it make someone a PSF room expert to state the obvious day after day? Wouldn’t a glimmer of hope or praise for the good things happening be a welcome gesture? Send that to Dr. Phil. It really is not half-assed at all. Continual negativity is half-assed. I haven’t given up on Waldo, once in a full moon, he is his own person.

  22. wow….you miss a week, you miss a lot! Give peace a chance!

    Not being a “regular”, I’m going to stay on the sidelines and listen, but this is entertaining, if nothing else.

    Personally, I like Waldo, Cater, Rich, PSF (we even watched a game together…or did we?), MBF, et al. Don’t always agree, but that’s what makes the world go ’round.

    Lighten up, Francis!

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  23. I thought this was a Sox forum, at least it was prior to this moshposh of verocrab attacks at everyone, including Bo, who never hurt anyone ever. . .Vero and Crab are much like the lugnuts who frequented the old canland room. They take all the fun out of it. They are the type of people that call mbf at work, or threaten to find your IP. Bottom line, Vero and Crab. . .you don’t like what we have to say, commit suicide. Believe me, you two will not be missed here. I’m serious, just go ahead and take some pills and down it with some Jack and get it over with. You’re both sick individuals.

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  24. LMAO!!!

    Vero….your post is at best laughable.

    So…when I speak my opinion and I tell you that I have no problem with Cater or Rich…that I’ve been talking to them for over 6-7 years on various subjects, Sox included….I am, in your words ‘toeing the party line”…but if I happen to agree with you, which I have from time to time, then I am a “thinking man” who thinks for himself?


    Clear, and unadulterated bullshit….you know it, and so does everyone else.

    I speak my mind always…if I agree with you, I point that out…if I dont, I point that out…I have no problem with anyone’s opinion…we all have one…unless one tried to manipulate what I say, and what I mean….I dont need you to do my talking or my thinking for me…thank you.

    This IS a forum…a place for one to express his opinions…his/her frustrations and joy…and guess what..we are allowed to change our opinions at any time.

    You neither make the rules or evidently want to play by them.

    You need to take a look in the mirror darlin’…you and crab are great to talk to when the subject is the Sox or just various thoughts on nothing in particular…..but you both are exactly what you accuse others of being….”pot…meet kettle”

    Do what I do…and what I intend to do right now…ignore what you find ridiculous…either go find another sandbox to play in, or learn to let the things go that you cant control and that you find , for whatever reason, so offensive.

    This is my final comment on this inane subject…..

  25. crab // Aug 25, 2008 at 8:52 pm
    I doubt that Cater even agrees with what he says. Does that make a forum something that we wish to come to and to participate in? Not me. I expect posters to the forum to be genuine, not clowns who wish to antagonize. When you meet people everyday, do you want all of them to be phonies?
    I agreed 100 percent with my most recent statement, commit suicide, crab, do us all a favor….your expectations are as wally says something you may yourself need to examine closely with a mirror to your crustacean face. *kettle*

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  26. rich still has the best line ever about sox forums with a play on nomar’s famous line:
    that pretty much sums up the veros, the crabs, who deep, deep down feel like the little kids at the playground who didn’t get picked to play kick ball. they were the ones thinking “me, me, pick me” and it didn’t happen, so now they have to take it out on us as maligned adults…or maybe they are just bingo and spot?

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  27. i for one have always considered you to be a maligned adult, so my opinion of you has never changed. i remember when i first came into the land of cans, i was summarily ripped by mbf and others, but somehow survived to tell about it.

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  28. Two things are amusing today.

    First, the rather unexpected beat down administered to the NYY’s last night in the first game of the series and A-Rod’s contribution to same.

    Second, Hansen’s demotion to the Pirates AAA affiliate. Seems like yesterday that Gammons had Hansen contributing at the back end of the RS bullpen the very year he was drafted. Then, I recall those glowing scouting reports from AA Portland. This take on the situation is beyond funny:


  29. PITTSBURGH — Craig Hansen’s fastball has been clocked at 98 mph and his slider has been described as unhittable.

    However, there is a reason why the Boston Red Sox were willing to part with the reliever in the July 31 trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates for left fielder Jason Bay — Hansen struggles to throw strikes.

    That was never more evident than Tuesday night when he walked two consecutive batters with the bases loaded, forcing home the tying and winning runs during a seven-run eighth inning as the National League Central-leading Chicago Cubs rallied for a 14-9 victory at PNC Park in a game that lasted one minute short of four hours

    “I couldn’t throw a pitch for a strike,” said Hansen, also using the same naughty word twice as an adjective in the sentence. “It was as simple as that. I didn’t throw strikes and I got beat.”


  30. Red Sox win and bottom of order has been great. Theo gets Kotsay. MDC pitched well. Is dannycater happy? All is looking well for a “true” Red Sox fan. Who is this DCmissile guy? Is he another pessimist? Perhaps Waldo can fill us in on the track record of DC? Does he also fall into the Waldo ” sandpaper categpory”, in other words, he is a pain in the ass per Waldo definition? The room is skewed in the direction of whiners and FO criticism. Is Dc someone that Waldo gets along with? Red Sox win 11-3, is everybody happy?

  31. Does dannycater have anything good or optimistic to say? Does anyonrehave a word of praise? Ok, i guess not. How about you Waldo? OK, then we will wait it out and unless the Red Sox win the WS, then it all is for nothing, all is lost. Sound famaliar, yes it does, it is the Yankee MO – if you don’t win it all, the season is wasted. When did we get spoiled? It is sad, like a kid in a sandbox who is never happy. The joy of you people is to bitch, not to relish the fact that the team is doing so well. I feel sorry for you.

  32. Is there something wrong with wanting a WS title? I didn’t know I have to be “happy” based on making the playoffs. The Yankees have been making the playoffs every year since their last title in 2000. Should Yankee fans be happy now? I happen to be very pleased the Sox just stuck it to stankeetown, btw…But I don’t stick it to Sox fans for posting or not posting here. You are the worst fucking fans I’ve ever had the displeasure of coming across…I still think vero, crab should take cathy with them on a joy ride, culminating with a crash head first into the Charles River. enjoy.

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  33. It is a 162 game (regular) season, that hopefully stretches into the end of october….if any of us didnt enjoy the ride…we wouldnt be here…or be so obsessed with the Sox.

    Passion is exhibited many different ways.

    I, for one, would rather look at the Sox with a “glass half full” perspective, I also am a believer in the current management and FO….the results speak for themselves. I supported the Manny trade as one that had to be made…

    That said…I’ve watched the Sox for a long long time, and can appreciate, and have even felt at times, the “conditioned Malaise” that some life-long Sox fans feel after watching the Sox find new and unique ways of snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory so very many times.

    It is not up to me to decide how anyone other than myself should properly conduct themselves as a Sox fan.

  34. I like CHB’s headline even better….he knows how to rub it in and be an asshole eh?

    Dan Shaughnessy
    Turning out lights
    This isn’t even that much fun anymore. Burying the 2008 Yankees has become too darn easy – like practicing layups on an 8-foot rim or beating a 4-year-old at checkers.

  35. In the 2007 edition of “Turnkey Team Brand Index,” a study that ranks the brand strength of 122 teams in Major League Baseball, the N.F.L., the N.B.A. and the N.H.L., the Red Sox finished fifth in fan loyalty among all major franchises and first in baseball. (The New York Times Company owns 17 percent of New England Sports Ventures, the parent company of the Red Sox.)

    “We asked fans how much a team is a part of their daily routine, to what degree do they support a team, how often do they watch them on TV and how much they go to games,” said Len Perna, the president of Turnkey Sports and Entertainment. “There is no doubt that their performance on the field over the past few years has had an impact on their brand, but there are other teams that have won and don’t have the same glow.”

  36. Lighten up, people.

    Cater used to piss me off as well; but after all these years, you grow to tolerate and understand him. And he’s not the only one…there are plenty of people who come in on a regular basis who I once considered grade A douchenozzles.

    We’re here to shoot the shit about the Sox, and when some of us have been doing it together for nearly 10 years (holy shit, that’s pathetic), there is a little bit of a comfort level that newer people might not totally understand.

    Just roll with it, and don’t get so perturbed. It’s the internet, for chrissakes.

  37. for verocrab, the sox just choked a sweep and lost a game in the standings to the rays. should i kiss theo’s ass, or be pissed that the sox have yet to solve their middle relief woes. should I cheer the defeat? I want to follow your lead on when I should be excited or happy about the Sox. . .Yay Theo!!

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  38. Kotsay got a double in his first AB. Just missed hitting it out in the 9th inning. Okajima choked, not the team. Pawsox are doing great, 18 hits per game. Lester pitched brilliantly. Too bad about Beckett, glad that they are being extra careful with him, other teams would go ahead and pitch him and ruin his career, but not our FO, they look far down the road. You forgot to tear into Tek for not holding onto that 3rd strike before the Giambi bomb. My glass is still half full.

  39. Nice win by 8-0, great offense, including Jason Bay, good defense, Dice-K was great, even Timlin was good. Good news concerning Beckett, a good day overall, nothing to bitch about. Now, if only the Patriots would get out of their funk. I suspect that the Pat’s FO sucks.

  40. Pretty amazing when you think about it…..

    Lowell, Drew, Youks,Beckett,Casey, and Lugnut..er…I mean Lugo…., all out sick or on the DL….that is 4 starting position players and certainly three of those players are considered the “heart” of the batting order. The teams Ace….and it’s best bench player….

    All out.

    Playing the division leading Chi-Sox……the team that leads MLB in dingers…..the team that has a vaunted pitching staff…

    A AA 21 year old kid pitching in his major league debut….in FENWAY!…….

    Holy shit!

    Wonder what the odds in Vegas were for last nights game?

    If games like last night don’t get you excited….then you need someone to dump 2 yards of dirt on top of you….

    The amazing Rays are incredible…but so are our boys…emphasis on BOYS….in fact, right now, the Sox may have the youngest and most inexperienced line up in MLB.

    Half-Pint is, right now, everything that Jeter ever has been…and I’m starting to swing my MVP vote from Youks to the little shit who can do it all. Tough choice really…..nice to have them both on the Sox eh? Gotta love that slide into 2B last night…picking up his arm to avoid the tag….AND, LOVED the fact that Tito came blowing out onto the field to bitch about the call only to find out he needed to scuttle back into the dugout…..hilarious…and you know that Pedrioa aint gonna let him forget it……..good times.

    04 was deliverance.

    07 was a statement ( We are still here…and aint going away)

    08, if it happens, will be just pure fun. All the kids are making impacts…….* clearing throat*….the kids that this FO drafted.

    Manny who?

  41. BRAVO Wally! Couldn’t agree more. Who would have believed Pedroia being intentionally walked.. LMAO @ Ozzie saying he couldn’t believe he intentionally walked a jockie… Quite a fun game to watch.

  42. Well….down the home stretch we go….

    Lowell and Beckett back on Friday….hopefully well rested and healthy. The rest may of been a blessing in disguise regarding Beckett especially……gonna need his best for the next two months.

    Colon is getting to the point where he can return…surely adds much needed depth to the pitching corps in this critical time of season. Would he be willing to pitch out of the pen for the remainder of the season?…he sure could make a huge impact in that role methinks.

    Drew is ready to come back…and his best numbers, last year, were produced in Sept/Oct.

    Bats are humming…defense is rock solid…pen is looking far more consistent….cant see the Sox not improving with the return of these veterans.

    My biggest concern is the number of innings that Lester has pitched to this point. He’s having an incredible year, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see his pitch count and innings pitched be closely monitored through-out the rest of September,,,and that makes sense. Need him long and strong in the playoffs.

    Tek should bat RH all the time….better bat speed and far more solid contact….he’s hitting .277 from the right side.

    Sox should consider bringing up a burner for pinch running.

    Should be another win tonight for the Olde Towne team….has Lester ever lost to the O’s?

    Finally, I have spent the last two days doing what we call here in Maine a “Yahd sale”…dragging all sorts of shit out of the garage and barn and laying all of it on tables and blankets in the yard to sell to passersby. What a pain in the ass….but I made $270 on shit I’d likely pay to get rid of at the local transfer station at some point…..I’m considering taking a portion of my new found wealth and investing in a Lugo jersey for my wife.

    You see…the last four sports jerseys that I have bought for her, (at her request) were Law, Petey,Damon, and this spring, Manny……..

    She wants a Brady jersey….I told her “No fucking way”.

  43. Those from Medford, go to lunch at 3 pm. Nice win today Chucks in the 8th and 9th innings. Nice for a team that sucks. Was wondering, can we take up a collection so that Cater can get Nesn.

  44. I have to admit…I have been one of those who has commented on Cora negatively over the past two seasons.

    After being the “super-sub” and setting expectations p[erhaps a bit too high for himself, he had seemed to tail off…

    However, over the past month or so he has once again made a huge impact, and in typical Cora non typical ways. Smart heads-up playing and sort of odd plays that one doesn’t see every day.

  45. Incredibly, Brady sufferred multiple injuries to his leg. It is now 3 inches shorter than the other one.

    And counting.

    Kasselll was on eei this am saying he feels uncomfortable being the starting qb. Hes most at ease with his history of being the number 2.

    In related news, Paul Seymour wants to renegotiate his contract, and Mike Vrabel says this will be his last season- assuming he makes it thru.


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  46. Somehow the Red Sox have mancaged to steal the thunder from the Pats. Somehow Crisp is hitting. Somehow Cora is hitting. Somehow Byrd is the team’s stopper. Somehow Bay isn’t hitting as well as Manny despite averaging an RBI or more per game. Somehow Cassell is the starting QB. Somehow Brady is lost for the season. Somehow the Sox will find a way to win the AL East and not play the Halos, at least not until the ALCS

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  47. Somehow the Pats FO was not prepared for this situation. Unless, of course, that Cassel proves everyone wrong. Then we can say “Somehow Cassel was better than we thought”. The Pats FO is full of “wicked pissars”, real smaht staff in recent years, so don’t sell them short. Somehow when they lost Drew Bledsoe, Tom Brady came out of nowhere to become their star. Somehow, Pats fans will enjoy the season, turn on your big screen HDTV, drink down some Sam Adams, eat the shrimp and chicken wings, and enjoy the ride. The Super Bowl victory party, you can put on hold, just enjoy the ride and the moment. Don’t let your tears spill into your beer. Somehow, life will be worthwhile and the Sun will rise again tomorrow in the East. Somehow.

  48. it’s “Pissah” ty

    Hate to see the golden boy go down… I was distraught… but, in case you didn’t notice….. Our beloved are knocking on the door of 1st place in the AL East. I will worry about the pats in November ty. This team is fun to watch………….

  49. Sox will be in first tonite and for the rest of the season

    Cassel from the 1 on 3rd and 11…BOOM 51 yarder to Randy Moss

    who was Brady when Bledsoe went down.

    Cassel has been waiting this moment all his life – is he going to miss his chance? No way – he’s going to lead them to the promise land.
    It will be an unbelievable story!

    CITY OF CHAMPIONS…and counting

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  50. “BK for Shea looks like the real deal” (last post I viewed from PSF)

    Back to 2008 – tough two losses to end Rays series. Third game especially – at 9th & 10th innings it became frustratingly apparent with the large number of runners continually stranded that that Sox were not going to win that one…

  51. Fred and Herb, weren’t they the two characters on the Piels beer tv commercials in the 1970s? Oh no, me bad, that was Bert and Harry. They were both from Framingham (like Lou Merloni) and not from Medford and Malden. Then later was Olive and Popeye on the DelMonte ads selling spinach. Rumor has it that Pedroia has spinach at every meal now just like Boggs did with chicken. If only Lorreta had eaten his spinach like his mother had told him to.

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