Quite a lively discussion going on here…

Nice to see people come flocking back to chime in over the past couple of weeks.

I’m still sad to have seen Manny go, but I suppose 10-3 since it happened does say a little bit about how good it may have been for the Sox (and good for the Dodgers as well).  They face some good pitching tonight, let’s see if the hit parade continues.

I’m headed to Boston tomorrow for the game…here’s hoping Beckett spins a beauty.

Resume comments!

So long, Manny….

….we’ll miss you in more ways than one.

I suppose I could come around in a week or two (or more), but right now, I am not a fan of what happened yesterday.  On some level I understand that the Sox felt like they had to trade Manny…but the main reason I’m not a fan of what happened is because the Sox did not improve yesterday.  Seems to me that they got a little bit worse.

They did not address the most glaring need (middle relief; unless you consider they helped it by removing Hansen), and they made the offense a little bit weaker.  I realize Bay is a decent hitter; but he ain’t Manny.

Personally, I think the Sox should have gone to Manny last night and said “Look; we tried to trade you, and it only would have hurt the club.  Play your ass off for your next free agent contract, and we won’t pick up your option.”

I still blame the majority of this on Boras.

If the rest of the team was actually getting tired of this, and felt like they didn’t need the distraction any more…then I guess maybe this could end up being a good thing.  But today, on the day after….I still need some convincing.