Manny for Jason Bay?

And people are excited about this??

I’m hearing that a multi-team deal involving Jason Bay and the Florida Marlins is in the “final stages.” This could involve the previously in-place dealings involving Manny Ramirez as reported by our own John Perrotto. Joe Frisaro of thinks that Bay could end up in Boston, Jeremy Hermida in Pittsburgh, and prospects flying every which way. My sources agree, though I will update as details become clearer.

Yeah; Jason Bay = Manny Ramirez.

Thought I’d put up a new posts so comments could continue here…

If you hate Manny, then I hate YOU!

OK, that may be a little strong…but I’m sick of the annual “Get him gone” faction of Red Sox Nation that pops up every July.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…I don’t care if Manny kicks kittens into traffic as he walks down the street…I will take his performance at the plate (and even in the field) every day and twice on Sundays.  The morons in the media and screaming on talk radio who want him gone because he’s such a malcontent…what a bunch of mouthbreathing morons.

Interesting note…you all know who Manny’s agent is now, right?  That’s right…Scott Boras.  HOWEVER, I’m fairly certain that if the Sox exercise the $20 million option (which I really hope they do), Boras gets none of it…because he wasn’t Manny’s agent when the current contract was negotiated.  Ironically enough, Manny’s former agent, Jeff Moorad, is now an owner of the Diamondbacks.

So where is Boras better off…if Manny is traded and/or his option is not exercised, or if Manny is ‘forced’ to play for the Sox in 2009?  Have we ever heard Manny talking about his next contract as we have in the past few days?

I smell a rat.

At the break…

The Sox manage to squeak by the upstart Devil Rays (they are still the Devil Rays to me) to regain 1st place.

No; I didn’t forget about you all…I’ve just been busy at work and then I was on vacation the past couple of weeks.

I like the Sox position right now.  Starting pitching has been decent, hitting has been pretty good despite the loss of Ortiz, and the biggest glaring hole is middle relief.  Yet they sit in 1st place right now, with Ortiz coming back at the end of the month.  Will they make a trade?  One would think that they would for middle relief; but what exactly is out there?