West Coast Games Suck.

I don’t know how the psf.com European contingent does it.  This year, I haven’t even tried.  I watched most of the first inning last night and went to bed lest I get sucked in to watching the game until the end (which I probably would have).  I feel more alert today as a result.

Here’s hoping Matsuzaka isn’t too hurt…

Regarding my last comment…

OK, I guess I’ll take the Japanese Jon Lester!

Congrats to Lester on his no-no…I almost missed it. I didn’t turn the game on until it was 5-0, so I figured I’d go clean out the garage. The radio wasn’t coming in out there, so I figured I’d just check the score later. Thankfully, someone sent me a message during the 7th inning, so I caught the end.

4 no hitters since 2001; that’s amazing, isn’t it?

if you check in the comments of the last post, chatter Crab was kind enough to save the chat transcript from the no-no. I didn’t have my laptop at home last night so I couldn’t join in.

Great, great blog post by Joe Posnanski

Of course, I did not think that something special would be a no-hitter. No, you don’t go to Fenway Park to see one of those. No, I thought maybe I would see MannyBeingManny’s 499th homer, or maybe I would see Jose Guillen crack three doubles off the Monster (he was the Morning Line favorite to be my column), or maybe I would see Papi hit one of those ninth inning home runs, or maybe … one of the five best words in sports — maybe.

If you aren’t reading Posnanski, a columnist for the Kansas City Star, on a regular basis…you should be.

Why stats aren’t everything

5-0 with a 2.43 ERA and batters are hitting .296 and slugging .281 against him.

So why am I nervous every time Matsuzaka takes the mound?

It isn’t like he’s completely wild with no control; it seems that he’s trying to be a finesse nibbler. Someone needs to tell him that we don’t need a Japanese Jon Lester; we need a Japanese Josh Beckett. Enough with the walks, already….throw strikes!

EDIT: Chat is fixed (kind of).  One change (not sure if it is temporary or permanant)…DO NOT ENTER A PASSWORD.

3 runs, 2 wins?

Seriously?  That’s amazing.

Score 3 runs, win 2 games.  Outscored 5-4 in those 3 games.  Nice job by Sox pitching, but the bats seem to be asleep.

Can they wake up in time to exact revenge for last week’s sweep?  The fact that Sox-killer Scott Kazmir returns this weekend doesn’t bode well…