Round 2 a Draw (slight edge to Sox)

Why the slight edge, you might ask?

Well, the Sox were very hard on Wang, and Beckett cruised last night despite not being at his best.

Yes, the play on words was intended.

Not sure why some of you are having a problem with chat….maybe your passwords need to be reset?

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3 thoughts on “Round 2 a Draw (slight edge to Sox)”

  1. Too bad that we traded David Murphy away last year for Gagne. Now we have Thurston out there going 0-5 when it could have been Murphy. Well, not every trade works out.

  2. And hats off to JD Drew who is having an excellent year, as Lugo too. Took some patience and time, let’s hope they keep it up. By the way, have you noticed that Andruw Jones who signed a two yr. $36 mil. contract with the Dodgers is hitting .169 with 1 HR after 18 games. A strange signing indeed after his having a bad season last year.

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