Opening Day, Part IV: The One That Counts

A great day all around, eh?

Unlike 2005, I watched this one on TV.  And not even live; I had to watch it once I got home.  Good stuff, though…never gets old.

  • Was I the only one who thought when they introduced the reps for the 2004 Sox: “Brian Daubach?  He got a ring in 2004??”  They couldn’t have gotten any more prominant retired players from that team than Dauber, McCarty, and Leskanik?
  • If you had told the Dropkick Murphys that the Boston Pops would someday play ‘Shipping Up to Boston’, they undoubtedly would have laughed at you.  I’m sure I’m not the only one thankful that Paplebon didn’t come out doing his silly jig.
  • Gotta love Pesky.  Whenever the camera is live on him, you need a 7-second delay.  I heard tons of ‘sonavabitch’ and ‘goddam’.  The best?  When Manny kisses and hugs him after the banner is raised, Pesky says something along the lines of “Oh, great…now they are gonna think I’m some kind of queer guy!”
  • Buckner throwing the first pitch was great.  Cathartic for him, I’m sure.  I wonder if the Sox asked him to do it in 2005 and he refused?  Because it would have been even better then.

And then the game was great…well pitched by Matsuzaka and the pen, a triple by Manny…just a great day all around.

6 thoughts on “Opening Day, Part IV: The One That Counts”

  1. My father turned 80 yesterday. I remember watching the games of 75, 78 and 86 with him.

    The joy that 2004 brought to us was unbelievable.

    But the “coming home” of Billy Buck sent chills down our spines. Closure is a good thing.

    The Sox know how to put on a great show.

  2. Except for the fact that

    1. He was asked to do this in 2005 and said no
    2. He got rousing ovations in 1987 and again in 1990.

    I don’t know a single Sox fan who saw that game who considers Buckner the #1 reason why the Sox didn’t beat the Mets.

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