Opening Day, Part III: Back on Foreign Soil

So the Sox get to participate in a THIRD Opening Day, in the land of the Great White North.  And for the first time, we East Coasters get to watch a game at a normal hour.  I don’t count the day game the other day…like most of you, my routine during baseball season largely revolves around 7 PM games.  Dinner is done, it is almost bedtime for the kid (and sometimes for the wife if she has to work), and for the most part I’ve got nothing better to do than to settle down and unwind in front of the tube and watch the Sox game.  After a 1 year hiatus, the Sox return in HD for me (I switched to DirecTV in the fall of 2006 and they didn’t add NESN in HD until after the 2007 regular season was over), and to make things even sweeter, the stupid Bruins are relegated to the alternate NESN channel so I don’t have to hunt around to find the Sox game.

Last night I went to Opening Day for the New Britian Rock Cats, the Twins AA team here in Connecticut.  They faced the Portland Sea Dogs and hot prospect Justin Masterson (one guy I was with remarked how it could have very easily been Masterson facing the Sea Dogs as that’s one of the players the Twins wanted in the Santana talks).  He only threw 4 innings, in part because of the fact that evidently someone in New Britian forgot to pay the electric bill…there was a 30 minute delay when the power went out.  He gave up 3 hits, but two of those were infield hits.  I’m no talent scout, but he looked pretty good in my opinion.

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