81-81 Here We Come!

Of course I don’t mean that…hell; I like the way game 2 turned out as I have Harden on my fantasy team!

Kind of strange that they have 2 games in the books and they go back to a couple of exhibition games, eh?

I woke up early on Opening Day to watch the game (actually, my dogs woke me up at 5:30 to take a leak.  They have me trained well.) and watched the introductions, and the first few innings at home.  I didn’t get all games in HD last year as DirecTV didn’t add NESN until after the regular season was over, so that was nice.  It was also funny when my daughter got up at 7 to get ready for school, and she comes downstairs to me cooking bacon and eggs with a baseball game on.

“Why is baseball on TV, Daddy?”

“The Red Sox are playing in Japan, and it is 8:00 at night over there right now.”

“Oh.  So I don’t get to watch ‘Fairly Oddparents’ while I eat breakfast?”

“Not today, honey.”

Caught the middle innings on the drive into work; I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of Dale Arnold.  I’m glad to know that Dave O’Brian will be doing many more games than he did last year.   And for yesterday’s game I got up early again to finish up some work at a friend of mine’s office…luckily for me he has a TV in his office so I could watch the first hour and a half.

So will this little jaunt affect the beginning of the REST of the season?  I doubt it…smart on MLB’s part to have them transition from Japan time to West Coast time before they come back east.  I have to think the trip won’t be an issue.

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  1. when you say riding the sox bandwagon since 2003, i think you sell yourself short. you’ve been riding the wagon for a lot longer, just the site hasn’t been around. of course, most of today’s Sox Nation has been riding the wagon since 04, right around the time queer as foulke tossed it to man-kay-vitch

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