Slowest offseason EVER…

…thankfully we have the Pats to keep us occupied.

The only real ‘news’ since the last entry is that Miribelli got re-signed (ugh).  I’m all fired up about this Sunday’s AFC Championship (I’ve been to a lot of playoff games over the past 10 years, but never to an AFCC game)…I will spend the entire week planning my tailgate.

24 thoughts on “Slowest offseason EVER…”

  1. How does one chat on this damn board anymore? I long for the good ol’ days when posts scrolled down and we could see when mbf entered having staggered into work late. PSF….are you listening??!!

  2. I haven’t seen this much chat traffic since
    Peter Hotton chat ran wild one week with battling Kentucky Colonel avatars. The chat room as predicted has come to a screeching halt thanks to the Sox and Pats turning their respective leagues into their bitches. Love the winning, hate the lack of chatting.

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  3. We finally have something to chat about. Theo was a genius. Yanks don’t get Santana and we keep all of our fine prospects. Now, if we can let Crisp and Ellsbury compete for the CF spot and keep the loser as a bench 4th OF, then all will be perfect. Need a backup for Tek though.

  4. That was the worst feeling I’ve ever had at the end of a game other than Petr Klima scoring in the third overtime of the Stanley Cup finals v. the Bruins. Yaz’s popup in 78, The 86 grounder, and now this ugly, absolutely sickening final drive of hell made by the Giants. I’m throwing up in my mouth. It’s that sickening…what a run of victories though, 18 straight…wow

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  5. 10 Most Crushing Losses in NE Sports History,
    and Screw CHBF on this:
    T1. 18-0 Pats Choke (SB)
    T1. 86, Gm 6, Calvin-Stanley-Gedman-Bucks (WS)
    3. Grady’s Late Hook, 03 (ALCS)
    4. 78 Playoff (AL Pennant)
    5. Pats 76 Robbery by Officials (NFL Playoffs)
    6. B’s Too Many Men, 79 (SC Semis)
    7. Magic Baby Sky Hook v Celts (NBA Finals)
    8. B’s 3rd OT loss to Oilers (SC Finals)
    9. 75 Game 7 Choke (WS) Darrell Johnson’s Burton Folly, Lee’s Stupidity
    10. 46 Game 7, Country Slaughter Scores From 1st (WS)

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  6. Is it fair to say the Pats “choked” the SB? I’m not so sure. The Pats defense played pretty well all game – the Giants only had 3 points into the 4th quarter. As for Brady and the offense, the Pats were 45 seconds and two stops from wining it all. It took a ridiculous 35-yard prayer for the Giants to even get in scoring position. But I think the Giants do deserve some credit – Eli led two TD drives in the 4th, the Giants had a ferocious pass rush, and the secondary played very well, too. Classic game.

  7. I also believe saying the Pats choked takes away from how well the Giants played. One reason this doesn’t hurt as much is that one of my college buddies finally got an NFL job this year, and is a lifelong Giants fan….and now gets to sport a SB ring.

  8. I have NO problem with tipping my cap to the Giants…They deserved to win that game. It was not bad officiating, it was bad plays by the Pats at bad times…ie the easy pick that Samuels let slip thru his hands that would have sealed the win. The Pats offense was vanilla and did nothing to help the O-line (who needed all the help they could get)…no hurry no-huddle…no nothing…Moss did not jump for a ball that he, just a month past, would of caught over the defenders…the list goes on…..

    Pats defense played loud and proud, and clearly did their job…..whoda’ thunk (besides Plax) the Pats vaunted offense would be held to such a ridiculously low score?

    Arrogance….it cost the Yanks….now it has cost the Pats.

    Kudo’s to the Cinderella Giants…how can you feel bad for them?

  9. BTW Torre…NFW Eli deserved the MVP…he did NOT play particularly inspired QB…he was “lucky” a little ….and he managed to make a play that was, at the very least, amazingly serendipitous. (did that come out of me?)

    The MVP deserved to go to the Giants D-Line. They won that game.

  10. Well, we will just agree to disagree on that one Waldo. The award goes to a singular player – not a “D-Line” or “Special Teams” or any other group of players. To that end, perhaps you could justify giving the award to Justin Tuck, but I do think that the fact that Eli led two TD drives made him worthy of the award. That first TD drive in the 4th was textbook, and while there were a few lucky (read: miraculous) plays on the last drive, he still made some great throws on that drive (the 1st 2 passes to Toomer, the 3rd and 11 throw to Smith, the nice TD pass to Plax) while facing an all-out blitz every single down.

  11. In any event Torre…congrats to your Giants….

    BTW…if my memory doesnt fail me (at my age, almost everything else has)….wasn’t there, in fact, a SB where the MVP was shared by two or more defensive players?

    Think Cowboys.

  12. Yeah, that’s right – against the Orange Crush. Too Tall, Randy White, whatever It’s meant to be a singular award for an individual player.

    Can we move onto more important things – like what unspeakable douchebags George Steinbrener has spawned? (Like we should be surprised?). Look, I went into a family business and I’m currently President and CEO of said operation. Far be it from me to cast a vote against nepotism. But at least I worked hard to get here. Worked on Wall Street. Got an MBA. Kept my mouth shut and head down and worked hard. These two idiots are intolerable.

    Of course, I should just laugh at them and laugh it off. The slight problem is that they run my beloved Yankees. At least I’ve got the Giants to hang my hat on. Jesus.

  13. Ahhh…dont worry Torre. Inspite of “Dumb and Dumber”, the Yanks are gonna be ok….good man at the helm in Cashman, and Giradi will be a solid bench man. Plenty of talent on that team.

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