So the Sox offer Crisp, Lester, Lowrie, and Masterson for Santana.  This is genius for a few reasons:

  1. Ellsbury and Buchholz are not part of the package
  2. If the Twins agree to it, it makes the Sox pitching ridiculously good for a LONG time (probably have to redo Beckett’s contract; but so what?)
  3. If the Sox DON’T land him, it drives up the price for others (read: Yankees)

Peter Gammons this morning speculated that the Sox may be hoping to drive up the price a bit (and if they land him, great), and then will turn around and try to use the same (or similar) package to get Dan Haren, who is locked up for a couple more years at more of a bargain price than what you have to pay Santana.

On a Patriots note; I’m taking a whirlwind road trip to Baltimore to see the Monday night game…I hear that’s a nice stadium down there, and I always love going to Baltimore.

Let’s talk about the Patriots

Since there really hasn’t been much hot stove news from the Sox, the Pats are what is big news right now.  Al Michaels made a great analogy last night when he said that for every game this season save  the Colts game, the Pats have been playing the part of the Harlem Globetrotters and the rest of the league has looked like the Washington Generals.

It really is unbelievable to watch.

I was hoping to go to bed early last night if the Pats went up big in the first half…but I stayed up to see just how many points they would score.  And to those who whine about running up the score…give me a break.  These are the pros.  Don’t suck, and you won’t get run up on.

I’ll be at my last regular season home game this year vs. the Eagles (I’m a season ticket holder, but I sold all the December games).  I’m traveling to Baltimore for the MNF game, and possibly to NY to possibly see win #16 vs. the Giants.   We’re really witnessing something special here.

Hot Stove So Far

So what’s in store for our World Series Champion Red Sox? Here’s what we know so far:

1B Youks
2B Pedroia
SS Lugo
3B ??
LF Manny
CF Ellsbury/Crisp
RF Drew
C Tek

P Beckett
P Schilling
P Matsuzaka
P Wakefield
P Lester/Bucholz

RP Delcarmen
RP Okijima
RP Tavarez
RP Paplebon

I’m unsure of the contract status of bench players like the black hole that is Doug Miribelli…but I’m more focused on starters right now. I’m unsure of what will happen at 3rd; I’d be surprised if the Sox offer Lowell 4 years, and I’d be surprised if someone else offers it to him and he doesn’t take it. I really, really hope ARod doesn’t end up here…yes, he’s the best player we’ve ever seen, but I don’t want to root for him. I would not be surprised to see Crisp traded somewhere. His defense has been otherworldy, but his bat has not been anywhere near what the Sox expected.

What say you?


With the baseball season now over and work winding down a little bit, I took the time to dig out the archives (both users and posts) and try to merge ’em all together into a new site format. I’m now going to use WordPress to power the site, and I was able to translate most of the old posts from the site’s beginning in 2003; as well as most of the users.

If you signed up since the crash of this summer, your username/password should be the same…the only thing I updated was your join date if you were around before the crash.

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11/7 update

I’m leaning towards this as the site design…I might add a feature or two, but I think this might be where we end up.  Too bad I lost every post from late 2005 until July 2007…