I am not a JD Drew fan.

Two games in a row he decides his best course of action is to watch pitches and then take a half-hearted swing. I don’t think I’ve disliked a Sox player this much since Leyritz was on the team. And when did Francona morph into Grady Little? Beckett back in in the 7th with 100+ pitches under his belt? With the bullpen the Sox have? I don’t get it.

I’m off to Yankee Stadium today with my daughter where we’ll see if Schilling can be the big game pitcher that he used to be (and probably still thinks that he is). In the grand scheme of the 2007 season, being swept in this series really isn’t that bad…I still think that the division would be theirs. However, nobody likes getting swept. Especially at the hands of your most hated rival.

A big baseball week for me…today, Sunday at Fenway, and next Tuesday at Fenway. This year has been unusual for me; I’ve been to two games…one at Fenway in April and one a couple weeks ago in Toronto.

Back (and better than ever?)

Well, hello folks…thanks for checking in. After numerous hard drive crashes, and a server upgrade…PSF.com is back from the dead; hopefully for good this time. Just in time for the crucial matchup vs. our friends in New York.

About a year ago, the Yanks stepped on the Sox’ collective throat and put them out of their 2006 misery. Wouldn’t it be lovely if the Sox could return the favor this year?

Looks like I’ll be at the Thursday matinee.