A good loss?

If there is such a thing, it was yesterday.  Can't fault the
hitters too much against a vintage Randy Johnson.  Yet another
deep outing by a starter, and a phenomenal one at that.  I didn't
realize how many strikeouts Wakes had until I was on my way home.

In relation to that last post of mine, I'll tell you one other thing
that has changed…the fan experience at Yankee Stadium for a Red Sox
fan.  Except for th drunken idiot Yanks fan who probably yells
expletives at ANY opposing fan, it was the most relaxed experience I've
ever had there.  Last year really took the edge off. 

I really think, though, with a 3 game lead that the Sox are in pretty
good shape.  Especially if the starting pitching keeps it up and
Manny starts to emerge from his funk.