Things I learned on vacation

1.  When renting a large house, no matter how pricy it is, verify
that there is some form of television other than a giant antennae on
the roof.  

From the start, I was against switching the annual family vacation from
Ocean City, NJ to Lake Winnepesaukee…but I was taking solace in the
fact that at least I was vacationing in a spot where I could watch the
Sox every night as the day was winding down.  Until we walked into
the house, and saw 3 tvs, all with DVD players…but only one TV got 2
channels.  Not good times.

2.  New Hampshire does not mark their roads in a reassuring fashion.

On more than one occasion, I would be driving the way I thought I was
supposed to go…but wonder if I had missed a turn somewhere because
roads only seem to be marked at intersections.  Taking Rt. 302
from Vermont to my initial destination last Friday night, I thought for
SURE I had missed a turn…because I didn't see a '302' sign for 15
minutes.  Also, New Hampshire likes to combine their roads quite a
bit.  302 combined with at least 5 different routes between
Vermont and Bartlett.  Same with 16/113 from North Conway to

3.  In New Hampshire, "Just past the second light" equals 3.5 miles.

One morning, I went looking for WiFi to check email, and was told that
the local library had it.  "Just go east, and the library is just
after the second light…right by the country store."  3.5 miles.

4.  Clowns are evil.

I knew that already, but you should have SEEN this John Wayne Gacy
looking dude making balloon animals for kids when we took the MS Mount
Washington for a family night dinner cruise.  I got chills.

5.  Sox are on quite the little tear

Well, you didn't need ME to tell you that, eh?  Nice that yesterday never happened…


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