For once, I wrote a really long and thoughtful post about what I
thought the Sox, Yanks, and Orioles might do between now and the
trading deadline….and then waited to long to save it and my session
timed out.

So screw it.  Talk amongst yourselves.


You suck, Shaugnessey

No, really.  You do. 

I haven't read one of your piece of shit columns in over a year now,
and I clicked on this morning's by mistake while reading Sox news on

This year the Sox come into the weekend with a small lead, but
events of the last two weeks have reduced the Nation to a legion of
doomsayers. If the Red Sox don't stop the onrushing Yankee tide this
weekend, it's going to start to feel a little like 1978 around here,
and that is never a good thing.

I mean; how many more forwards to your shitty book can you write? 
I don't know about the rest of you, but I haven't noticed this 'legion
of doomsayers'.  Nor do I see how 2005 and 1978 can even be

Yes, Yanks/Sox is always interesting.  Yes, it is more interesting
when one team is in striking distance of the other…tonight, I'm going
to Fenway Park.  I'm going to take in the sure-to-be electric
atmosphere, I'm going to root for my team…and if the Sox lose?

I'll be back tomorrow.  And so will they.


One out of four…

…ain't great.  In fact, it stinks.

Thursday was a winnable game…no thanks to Trot's bonehead move and
that wench Mother Nature.  Saturday just turned into a bloodbath
after the great catch of Ortiz' homer.  And Sunday, which I'm glad
I did not stay for, sounded on the radio like a few guys got an early
start to the All Star break.

The trip to Baltimore, as always, was great.  If I didn't get
around to say hello, I'm sorry.  It seemed like besides the final
score and the heat, a good time was had by all.  Oh; and to the
guy sitting right behind us…"Ma Ma" might be the most moronic
derogatory nickname for Manny that I've ever heard.  And I find it
amusing that you spent the whole game busting on his long pants, but
didn't seem to notice that while you were professing your man-love for
Larry Bigbie….his pants were the same length as Manny's.

We got a small bit of pub in the Hartford Courant
on Saturday….not sure how that happened, but read to the end of the
article.  I suspect Mr. Post's son, who came to a couple of games
with us last year and is a friend of my uncle's, heavily influenced
this column.  Thanks for the mention!


Off to Baltimore

Those of you attending, it'll be great to see/meet you.  I'll be
at Friday and Saturday's game..and for those of you watching on TV, the
PSF contingent will be in section 82, which should be directly behind
the left fielder.  50 seats together in that section.

Drop me a text message if you'd like….portlandsoxfan@vtext.com