As Good as it Gets

Timely hitting, good starting pitching, and the bullpen actually does a
fantastic job.  Sox win 9 of 10, and combined with last night's
Orioles loss, they sit one game back.  Sweeping 3 from the
formerly red-hot Indians, and off to Philly to conclude the abomination
that is Interleague Play.

An interesting article in the Globe today about internet geek Eric Van,
who was hired by the Sox last winter.  Eric is an interesting
character, who I had been reading for years on the Sox newsgroup, and
then on SoSH.  Got the chance to meet him a couple of times…he
is a VERY interesting person.

I also enjoy that while the Yanks had that truly incredible 8th inning
the other night, it masks the fact that Randy Johnson is looking more
like Matt Young than Cy Young this year.  And the fact that they
lost 2 of 3 to the Devil Rays at home can't sit will with Yankee
brass.  And yet they are only 5 games out of first themselves…


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