Passing the Hat

OK…I'm taking the plunge here.  Mock me if you will. is nearly 2 years old.  I have always operated this site
out of my own pocket, and except for some occasional lighthearded
complaining, I've never had a problem with that.  Even as the
site's popularity has increased, and the server charges have gone up
and up.  I've found some other ways to offset the cost, but there
is still a decent monthly expense on my part.

I just ordered a new server…the monthly cost will remain the same for
me, and the server will be a little bit better.  However, this
means I have to lease two servers for the month (the current server
just renewed).  So I'm finally passing the hat.

If you enjoy the site, and you can spare a buck or two, drop it in the
tip jar, and I'll greatly appreciate it.  As an added bonus,
anybody who donates can have a email account…maybe some other
perks down the road.

Thanks, folks.  I appreciate it.  If you care to donate, the tip jar is the 'Make Donation' button on the left.

UPDATE:  Wow.  I was just hoping to offset the extra cost of
the server I won't be using that I had to pay for this month, and in
only a couple of days, you folks surpassed that.  I appreciate

3rd Annual Camden Yards Trip?

I think for this year's Camden trip, I'm going to organize one
big outing for one game, and let people fend for themselves for the 2
other games on the homestand.  I'm going to look into options for
Saturday, July 9th at Camden Yards.  Those that have gone in the
past have enjoyed it, drop something in the comments if you think you
may attend, and give me a general idea of how big a group to organize.