Careful What You Wish For

So since my last update, there has been a FLURRY of free agent action regarding the Sox.  My ongoing thoughts:

  1. PEDRO  I don't blame Pedro for taking the 4th year,
    and I don't blame the Sox for not offering it.  Best of luck to
    you…I'll watch when the Mets are on TV.
  2. RENTERIA  May have been slightly reactionary to
    losing Pedro, but I like this pickup.  A solid defensive
    shortstop, better offensively than Cabrera.  I just hope it
    doesn't put the wheels in motion for the Sox to lose Hanley.
  3. CLEMENT not the jewel of the free agent starters available, but a solid starter.  Could benefit from being around Schilling.
  4. MILLER I LOVE this pickup…low risk, potential high
    reward.  Much like the Mantei deal.  Especially the fact that
    if I'm not mistaken, the Sox control Miller after 2005 as well, even
    though this is only a 1 year deal.

Other stuff to do that would leave me content…trade Millar for just
about anything, and make Minky the everyday first baseman.  Resign
Tek to a reasonable contract (and by that, I mean basically what the
Sox have on the table).


(Lack of) Free Agent Action

EDIT:  Guess I got ahead of myself this morning,
eh?  So is Pedro going, or isn't he?  I don't understand
spanish, but this ESPNDesportes report seems to say that nothing is decided yet.

So the GM meetings are over, and the Sox did not make any blockbuster
additions.  For that matter, nobody did.  My take on the Sox
major additions so far:

  1. David Wells: I just can't win, I suppose.  For the
    past couple of years, I have been saddled with the fact that I just
    don't like Derek Lowe.  And they replace him with this fat old
    drunk, who I despise.  Will he be an effective pitcher? 
    Probably.  Will he be work the money he signed for?  Again;
    probably…I love the Sox incentive-laden contracts such as this one
    and the one signed by Mantei.  But if I always considered Jim
    Leyritz a Yankee, I'm DEFINITELY gonna think of Wells that way. 
    On the other hand, I was never enamored with Pavano; especially at the
    contract he reportedly agreed to with the Yanks.
  2. Matt Mantei:  I LOVE this pickup.  If he sucks,
    it doesn't hurt the team payroll wise…if he's good, then he's worth
    every penny.  His injury history is scary, but if he's on, he is
    Williamson-like, or possibly better.

According to this morning's Globe,
Pedro wants to decide today if he is staying or not.  I'd love him
to stay, but I woudln't be upset if he left because the Sox were forced
to increase the offer that is on the table right now.

Evidently no new news on Varitek, but this little tidbit from the above
linked article keeps my love alive for high profile sports agents:

Boras playfully suggested that financial concerns should not be tying
up the deep-pocketed Sox, whose payroll is expected to rank among the
top two or three in the majors.

"I think with the success of the Boston Red Sox, they have the money to
pay all their players and all the Washington [Nationals] players," he


On a brighter note, because of online success Saturday morning, I will
be at Opening Day at Fenway for the first time in my life.  I was
able to secure an Opening Day Sox Pack, which includes the coveted
opening day game and 3 crummy weekday games after that.  So I have
that to look forward to, at least.

Oh, and if you don't have XM Radio, you need to get it.  Especially if you are an out of market Sox fan.