In today's Hartford Courant, there is a brief article about the book written by Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan documenting the 2004 Sox season.

When the Sox became a hot team in 2003, the two began to e-mail one another, reliving the games and picking them apart. King decided they should keep a weblog of the e-mails. Come spring, O'Nan's agent, who had been hearing from O'Nan ad nauseam about the Sox's endless grab bag of talent, asked him if he wanted to write a book about the team. "Non-fiction is a pain in the ass," O'Nan said. "I'd rather work on a novel." But he said yes, King said yes, and the two began haunting Fenway Park.

They sat there game after game, O'Nan in his lucky Pawtucket Red Sox hat, blue with a red P embroidered in the center, and King with his lucky, mostly unwashed (except for the day his daughter-in-law kidnapped it and threw it in the washing machine for salvation) No. 20 Kevin Youkilis shirt O'Nan had bought him. Everywhere they saw wood, they knocked on it. They brought their families to games, including King's mother-in-law, equipped with two oxygen tanks and a wheelchair.

The book is a series of journal entries and e-mails between the two over the course of the season. "It's a conversation between two supremely interested fans who probably know too much about the team and are probably emotionally too close to the action, all the highs and lows of the season and how we react, utter despair and unwarranted hope," O'Nan says. "It's a fan's book, because there should be a barrier between the players and the fans. I didn't want it to be a journalist's privileged look inside the team; there's plenty of those out there." JANE GORDON

As always, registration is required for the Courant (try bugmenot ). But in this case, it is worth it for the excerpt alone, which can be found here. I found it especially interesting because the excerpt documents Game 3 of the ALDS, which it turns out I was sitting just behind Mr. O'Nan.


DVD Review

So I picked this up yesterday at Best Buy (14.99, same as if you order
it on Amazon).  I think they did a pretty good job.  Could
have been more detailed, but I guess that is what the NESN-produced DVD
will be for (Out next week, I believe, entitiled 'Faith
Rewarded'.  Anyway, some highlights:


  • Narrated by Denis Leary, it starts off with your obiligatory
    Curse references, and then goes into a very short recap of the 2003/4
    offseason, spring training, and regular season.
  • ALDS is pretty much glossed over.  Evidently, at the
    premiere this week, when they showed Vlad hitting the grand slam in
    Game 3, Timlin yelled out from the crowd "Sorry about that!"
  • They got pretty in-depth on the ALCS…not as much as most would have liked, but it was a good recap.
  • They spent a LOT of time on the World Series (it is the WS DVD,
    after all).  Some of it dragged a bit, but what are you going to
  • They also spent a LOT of time on the postgame celebration, the fan reactions, and the parade.  This was nice to see.


  • Extended celebrations (no commentary) after ALCS and WS. 
    The ALCS celebration was obviously MUCH more subdued…you got a sense
    that they KNEW they still had a job to do.
  • Final ABs of ALCS and WS
  • A montage of Ortiz' game winners in the playoffs
  • Tito's hiring press conference (I haven't watched this yet)

Anyway, it is well worth the 15-20 bucks to commemorate this historic
season.  Would make a great holiday gift for that special Sox fan
on your list.



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Trophy Tour and Stove Talk

I found out this morning (11/15) that the WS Trophy, along with Yale
Alums Theo Epstien and Larry Lucchino (no word on players if any), will
be in New Haven on 11/17 around Noon for a rally.  I may or may
not attend…depends if I can get away from work for a little while.

No real updates on free agent news…all the Sox eligible have filed,
and it seems totally up in the air as to what will happen.  Here's
what I think:

  • Pedro: I don't think he'll get a much better offer than
    the one the Sox gave him…someone might drive the price up just a tad,
    but I'm guessing he stays right here.
  • Lowe: Thanks for the playoff heroics…but I still won't mind seeing you in another uniform in 2005.
  • Tek: Tough one.  The one guy everybody would like to
    keep, but early indications are that his agent (uber-scumbag Scott
    Boras) is going to make it impossible.  Any Sox fan with half a
    brain realizes that Tek, while valuable, isn't worth 5/50.  And
    the no-trade demand seems to be a smokescreen, because the Sox sure
    aren't going to give it, and he would become a 10/5 guy after next
    season should he remain on the team anyway.
  • The OC: I think that he will end up with a better deal
    elsewhere…more than the Sox are willing to give, with super-prospect
    Hanley Ramierez on the horizon.

Regarding non-Sox FAs that could end up here…today's Hartford Courant
seems to indicate that Pavano has pretty much narrowed it down to
Sox/Yanks.  Could be interesting…if Pavano comes back, and Pedro
is retained…the Sox starting pitching makes them the odds-on favorite
to repeat (heh, heh…repeat.  Yeah, that's right.  Say it
again.  REPEAT!  Which means that the Sox are WORLD SERIES
CHAMPIONS.  Still pinching myself a few times a day.)
It also means that the Sox become that much more like the Yanks regarding the stockpiling of free-agent talent.

So what do YOU think will happen?



PSF EDIT: Joesox and Tonysox are two Italian members
of Red Sox Nation.  Joe became hooked on the Red Sox in 1986 after
catching some World Series games on Air Force television, and has been
a card-carrying (figuratively, of course) member of RSN since. 
Whenever it appears the Sox may make the playoffs, Joe books a flight
to Boston to potentially partake in a long-awaited World Series victory
and celebration.  2003 was tough for Joe, having to cancel his
flight the day after Game 7.

Here is his story about his trip.  Make sure to click on 'Read
More' to get the whole thing.  I will add my commentary in bold

No words can describe our feelings.

Anyway trying to put down something we must begin from our flights. For
the second time in my life I was flying to Boston and for the second
time one of the planes broke down, literally. In 2001 our London-Boston
British Airways 747 had a major problem and we changed planes before
take off. Last week our Lufthansa flight from Trieste, Italy to Munich,
Germany took off but had to go back after about 15 minutes for
electrical problems. While landing back in Trieste the sight of the
firemen's trucks checking their water hoses and spraying water around
was not a pretty view. Were we this close to crash down? We were
eventually rerouted to the following 3 flights: Trieste-Milan,
Milan-Newark and Newark-Boston. While originally we were supposed to
land at Logan at 2:00 pm (on the day of Game 4 of the World Series),
now with the proposed reschedule we would be in Boston only at 8:50 pm,
so with the game already in progress.

Never mind. We stuck with the plan. We were going to Boston.

What Lufthansa failed to do, Alitalia delivered. We got to Newark
perfectly on time at 6:20 pm, about two hours before first pitch (this
is Game 4, remember and it was the clincher…looking back I had no
doubts, as the Sox were in such a roll that I couldn't see them losing
at all).

Now it was American Airlines turn to let us down as the flight to
Boston was delayed first by about one hour and by almost two hours soon
afterwards. At this point we would have been in Boston at 10:30 pm at
the earliest, barring further delays, with a great chance to miss most,
if not all of the game. Not a nice perspective.

So Tony suggested to hire a car and drive north. I was not really sure
about the idea. Driving through New York? And to where? That's when I
really thought about PSF.

We decided to go for it, again. Interstate 95, here we come.

Whoever is familiar, and I am not, with the NJ-NY area probably knows
that driving from Newark, NJ to Portland, Connecticut is not a walk in
the park especially at 7 pm on a weekday. At least that was my guess.
It was busy, but not too bad and actually qu


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A new twist on an old joke


Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Boston Red Sox
Fan Club. Due to an unprecedented volume of requests, we are currently
processing only fan conversion registrations for New York Yankee fans.
Conversion requests from other teams will be accepted once all Yankee
requests are processed. We expect this to take a number of weeks based
on the current backlog of requests.

Please take a few moments to fill out the conversion form below to help
us get to know you better and prescribe any required counseling to
recover from your previous fan experience.

Name: _______________________________


Who's Your Daddy: ____________________

1. Please select your favorite recent Yankee new player acquisition:
[ } "Flush" Gordan

[ ] "A-Bomb" Rodriquez

[ ] "Grand Slam" Vazquez

[ ] Kevin "Charlie" Brown

2. Which of the following would you most like to see as the most played YES Network film clip in 2005:
[ ] Rivera's blown save in Game 4

[ ] The Red Sox championship celebration on the pitcher's mound in Yankee stadium

[ ] Rivera's blown save in Game 5

[ ] The Red Sox spraying celebratory champagne on their fans in Yankee Monument Park

[ ] Vasquez's grand slam home run pitch to Johnny Damon in Game 7

[ ] The Red Sox celebrating in their Yankee Stadium locker room

[ ] Vaquez's second home run pitch to Johnny Damon in Game 7

[ ] David Ortiz being awarded the MVP trophy at Yankees Stadium

[ ] Mark Bellhorn's winning home run in Game 6

[ ] A-Rod crying in the Yankees dugout after game 7

3. Please indicate the last book you read:
[ ] How to lose the ALCS in four easy lessons

[ ] The Suicide Hotline – It's not just for Cubs' fans anymore

[ ] The Heimlich Maneuver — What to do when choking

4. Which recent Yankees personnel move did you enjoy most:
[ ] Seeing future Hall-of-Famer Roger Clemens in an Astos' uniform

[ ] Seeing David Wells in a Padres' uniform

[ ] Seeing Tino Martinez in a Devil Rays uniform

[ ] Seeing Alphono Soriano in a Rangers's uniform

[ ] Seeing Manny Ramirez remain in a Red Sox uniform

5. Which following designation best describes Derek Jeter's effort in the ALCS:
[ ] Captain October

[ ] Captain Underpants

[ ] Captain & Tenille



6. Math: The Red Sox and the Yankees played 26 times in 2005. How many more games did the Red Sox win than the Yankees? (hint: the number is the same as the number in a four game sweep)


Your 2004 Boston Red Sox won the World Series, sweeping the much-vaunted Cardinals and handing the Yankees the worst ALCS loss in the history of the sport.

News at 11.

New Design Test

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Its that time of year again

The offseason..where PSF gets anxious and starts thinking about possibe site redesigns. However, this time I’d like input from you all.

Some ideas:

  1. I might move to a more message-board based background with a portal front end. The front page layout will be very similar, it just might be easier to organize and maintain with a messageboard backend. See for a general example.
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  3. Any ideas and/or help with spiffing things up..content and/or design wise, drop me a line.