On Nomar being gone..

I don’t like what I’m seing coming out of the Boston media right now, not 24 hours after Nomar has been traded.

I suspect that many people feel like I do: I hate to see Nomar go, but I realize that the Sox needed to try to get something for him, because it was almost certain that he wasn’t coming back. I was frustrated with Nomar in his turning down a pretty good contract, and his constant sulking and complaining. I was dismayed by his dissapearance last fall, and his injury and failure to return to past form.

But this is still the best talent to be developed by and play for the Red Sox since I started following the Sox. Why not let him go out with some class? All I’m hearing/reading today is what a prick Nomar was, and how much of a grump he always was, and what a jerk he is. This is from the papers, from Sox announcers, from fan/media websites.

Like I said above, I think most realize he had to go. Or that he was going to go. But why do the Sox feel it neccesary to put the full-court spin on and try to convince Nomar’s legion of fans that in reality, it’s good that he’s gone because he was a dickhead? What good does it do to try to make people hate Nomar?

I don’t understand it, and frankly, it’s sad to me.

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