So, how\’s it going?

I’ve been busy and lazy the past week, and have been relying on other people to update. And I guess part of it is the Sox haven’t exactly inspired me to update.

All last week I was in Charlotte for work. The first thing I did when down there was search for a sports bar close to my hotel where I could watch the Sox/Yanks games. Well, based on those results, it’s a good thing that my company paid for my meals and most of my beers.

To me, the worst loss was the second game, where they had it in the bag and blatantly gave it away. Blame the manager, blame the players, blame the “Curse”…I don’t care. That game was in the bag and it turned into a demoralizing loss. And while Thursday night was a kick in the pants, you can’t really blame that one on anybody…it was a great game that somebody had to lose. How many of you had a sinking feeling that it was over when Jeter came out of the stands bloodied in the 10th?

I was so exhasuted, having just gotten in from the airport Friday night, that when the game went to the middle of the 9th tied on Friday night, I said to my wife “I’m not doing this again; I’ll read the results in the paper.” Best decision I made this weekend, as I would have stayed up very late and gone to bed frustrated again. Saturday, Schilling does exactly what is needed…gives the bullpen a chance to rest. And how does Derek Lowe help the cause? By reverting back to his instantaneous meltdown mode we’ve seen so many times this season. Just cruising along, and BAM! The game is almost out of reach. And don’t give me this “Francona didn’t have somebody warming quickly enough” line…that meltdown happened faster than any Lowe meltdown ever has.

So in addition to a 1-5 trip, we have speculation that Schilling got on Williamson, and Schilling and Varitek got in a fight, and Nomar asked out of a game, and the fight caused Belli to catch for Schilling…etc, etc, etc. Most of which I consider to be bunk; but you know how things are around here…they like to kick a team when they are down.

Doesn’t get any easier before the all star break..but the Sox can somewhat help themselves. They play the 2 teams they are directly competing for the Wild Card with. Stumbling to the break is not an option for these supposedly all-world Boston Red Sox.

You know what I caught myself doing last night? Looking to see if the DEVIL RAYS lost. And being happy when I found out they did.