trading deadline

I watched the game live on UK TV (ESPN feed).
I enjoyed Youk G??callingG?? Damon shot off the PeskyG??s Pole.
And John Kerry not liking the DH rule.
And Ben Affleck sitting on the pigG??s seat and G?exchangingG? words with A-Rod.
DonG??t they have good catchers in the Army?
And sorry Bo, but they didnG??t read your mail. Thanks a lot anyway.

A few points before the trading deadline comes.
Asked why the Sox trail the Yankees in the AL East despite having a better ERA and batting average, Theo Epstein replied: \"stats donG??t really matter, itG??s the wins and losses that count\". I really wonder what Bill James thought of that!
I liked the way Lowe settled after the Sox fielders tried to do everything to ruin his outing in a laborious first inning. He is still the starter I am more worried about but I think he is on the right track now, at last. Regarding SutcliffeG??s comment as \"he is not a strikeout pitcher, he should throw more sinkersG?\", Lowe in todayG??s Globe said: \"I didn\’t throw any sinker away,\" Lowe said of his strategy. \"I probably threw five. When you pitch against a team over and over, you\’ve got to make adjustments. Looking at the game tape, it seemed like they were just looking for sinkers away, so we didn\’t give it to them.\" Kudos to him and also to Mirabelli who proved once again that he can call a good game. If the pitchers then give up walks to the likes of Enrique WilsonG?
If we donG??t beat ourselves defensively or by walking people we can beat the Yankees (currently, for what itG??s worth, we are 8-5 against them).
I donG??t see any major problem. Even Millar is hitting again. Belli should get more at bats.
Happy with the starters. IG??d like Randy Johnson, of course, if they can get him.
Bullpen. Foulke, Timlin, Embree, Adams, Williamson, Mendoza. It can be effective in the playoffs, I really think so. Kim is out of the picture, Malaska, Leskanic, Anderson, Nelson, Anastacio are either not ready or not good enough.
Do we need another reliever? Possibly, but if they get one, letG??s get really a good one.
Otherwise I am happy with Williamson coming back and Arroyo in the pen for the playoffs.
Is Nixon done for the season? Should we go after Beltran?
One more thing: Contreras was a very \"committed\" Cuban player and person. Then he fled Cuba. Then he spoke with the Sox, maybe even gave them his word, then he signed with the other team. Possibly he sucks against the Sox because when he face them he feels guilty because he basically betrayed them (for money) going against his \"Cuban\" principlesG?just a funny theory trying to explain his 15.00 ERA against the Sox and 3.50 ERA against the rest of baseball.
I will leave these questions open for debate.
Theo will surely have a busy week trying to answer them!

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