A Tale of Two Portlands

So today, I was in TWO Portlands. After a long camping weekend in Maine that turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected (and that was WITH rain Friday night), I made my first trip ever to Hadlock Field with a couple of PSF.com members and our families. Surprisingly, two three-year-olds made it to the seventh inning stretch. Mine fell asleep the second I was on 295, and remained so until we were almost back in Connecticut.

Anyway, a nice park…the Sea Dogs lost; but I honestly didn’t pay too much attention to the game. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I probably spent more time taking turns chasing around the kid, and shooting the breeze with my companions.

As for the first two Sox/Yanks games; they were taken in at the campsite via car radio…good times, bad times…

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