Fire Theo Epstein

The opinions expressed here are not those of PSF, and frankly, I couldn’t disagree more.

It’s simple to fire the neanderthal manager, it’s easy to do so. They are there to be fired. But, maybe it’s time the General Manager get a little heat.

Today’s actions speak loudly about how out of touch the GM is to what the sox needs are. He brought up a left-handed short reliever who has done nothing more than serve up an example of the Sox Eternal Clown Car Revisited–mark malaska. The Sox need a long reliever, naturally bring up malaska. Then, the sox needing a middle infielder, knowing that nomar has been itching to rest his achilles and knowing that with pokey out, the sox have bellhorn as a 2nd baseman, the sox bring back youkilis. A guy who was misused and benched miserably during a hot streak by the manager. youkilis, a guy who plays 3rd and 1st, but not 2nd or short.

These seemingly minor moves are further example of the lack of theo’s experience at doing a very important job. He has already done little by way of helping the pen with the acquisition of waiver wire disaster curtis leskanic, the promotion/demotion of joe nelson, the promotion/demotion/promotion/demotion of anastacio martinez, the DLing of rule 5 dinardo to keep him from being released. And when he might have made a right move, bringing up a healthier ramiro mendoza, he only has his manager to make statements and excuses as to not using him. Again, why was mendoza brought up again? To save him from being released by a team that has no confidence in him?

I have no idea what kind of input theo has on tito’s lineup cards and rotation moves, etc., but i can guess he has not forcefully talked to tito regarding kevin millar, who started about 15 games too many over the last month. The bottom line is the sox are underachieving, and the facts are that the sox bench/pen isn’t all that good. Theo couldn’t get carlos beltran, couldn’t get freddy garcia, couldn’t get anybody of significance to this point to help the sox.

Theo’s choice of manager, tito, was to appease the 12-win schilling…I guess the lesser evil–get the ace starter who must have his pushover manager. Anyway, i can talk about the kim contract, and the nixon contract, and the bottom of the barrell roster bench that included cesar crespo, but not tony womack.

He got foulke, who has 15 saves in 20 opportunities, not exactly stellar work. How long will theo live off his no. 1 move–signing david ortiz to a low money contract, and figure out he got about all he could out of the batting champion (back to normal, defensively and offensively) and the japan free agent (has not hit since last year’s all star break). Damon, manny, nomar, varitek, mirabelli, pedro, lowe, wakefield were already in place when he got in charge.

Fire Theo Epstein, He’s done little to keep his job.

fred from medford

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