The worst of both worlds

For those of us that stayed awake Monday night, that was an absolute kick in
the pants. A GREAT pitching performance by Arroyo (wouldn’t that be nice if
that was closer to the norm for the rest of the year?), not a huge amount of
offense, but enough timely hitting to put the Sox in a great position to win.
Leading in the bottom of the 9th. With ace closer Keith Foulke on the mound.
Whodathunk that Keith Foulke would have morphed into Keithcliff Foulkeum (blatantly
stolen from a BSMW poster)
and given up back to back shots in the 9th? And a walkoff grand slam by the
OTHER Boone brother? Jeez.

And Tuesday was probably the worst WIN of the year, if there can be such a
thing. Lowe was so-so, evidently left because of a blister after 5…and the
Sox struggled to hold on to a 7 run lead. And they had to use Foulke again in
the 9th. On one hand, that’s not so bad because he somewhat redeems himself…but
with 4 games in the next 3 days, and Foulke throwing around 70-80 pitches in
the past two games…well; let’s just say we hope we don’t need him every day.
Although if Tito treated him the way he does Embree and Timlin, he WOULD be
out there every day.

All in all, 3-3 on a West coast trip isn’t terrible, and they have won 8 of
their last 12. So let’s hope for a decent homestand before they are kicked out
of Boston for the Democratic convention. 4-3 would be nice, 5-2 would be better.

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