Different kinds of news…


Boston’s bullpen scoreless streak was extended yesterday, now at 32 1/3 innings.
And believe it or not, Tampa Bay’s bullpen started a streak of their own yesterday.
They have an 8 2/3 inning scoreless streak going, as the Sox scored all their
runs in the bottom of the first frame. In the first game, Kim looked very good,
allowing one hit in 70 pitches; walking one and striking out two. Word on Ortiz’
possible contract can be filed under the good news department.


It doesn’t look like Nomar is progressing very well. That article doesn’t read optimistic to me. Now they
are talking June.


Derek Jeter broke his long hitless streak with the first pitch of the Yankee
game yesterday by hitting one out of the park off of Barry Zito. Yankee fans
demanded (and were granted) a curtain call. A CURTAIN CALL. Jeter responded
to the adulation by promptly beginning another hitless streak, and going 0-3.

Ortiz Update

Story here

David Ortiz G??G??Me quedar+? muchos a+?os en el equipo de BostonG??G??

Los agentes de David Ortiz y los principales ejecutivos de los Medias Rojas
cada vez están más próximo a la culminación de un
pacto que mantendrá por varios años al jugador en el equipo.
El propio Ortiz confirmó que ambas partes están en negociaciones
y un acuerdo se producirá en cualquier momento.
‘‘Quiero quedarme con los Medias Rojas, estoy muy agradecido de
la organización y me he adaptado al conjunto’’, dijo el slugger
cuando fue abordado por la sección El Deporte, de LISTÍN DIARIO.
‘‘Todo luce indicar que me quedaré por muchos años
aquí en Boston. Mis abogados casi están concluyendo un acuerdo
por varias temporadas’’, dijo el recio bateador.
Ortiz está muy optimista de que el contrato multianual por varios millones
de dólares se cristalizará muy pronto.

‘‘La organización me gusta mucho, me han dado un trato
ejemplar y espero que todo quede arreglado pronto’’, agregó.
El pelotero de 28 años aprovechó al máximo las oportunidades
que le dieron. Prefirió hablar con su bate, antes de emitir cualquier
queja para que accionara desde un principio.
La labor de Ortiz fue tan interesante en el 2003, que sus compañeros
lo escogieron como jugador ‘‘Mas Valioso’’ del conjunto.
Para muchos debió ser merecedor del premio en la Liga Americana, sin
embargo ocupó el tercer puesto.
Los bonos de David Ortiz están bastante altos en la organizacion de los
Medias Rojas. Actualmente es el tercer bate del poderoso club, que domina el
circuito del Este en la Liga Americana. Su acuerdo para laborar con los bostonianos
es solamente por este año.

En su carrera de bigleaguer, ha despachado dos cuadrangulares en un partido
durante ocho ocasiones. Tiene un cuadrangular con las bases llenas. Y en tres
oportunidades saliendo a batear de emergente ha disparado de jonrón.
Con Boston el año pasado llegó a seis juegos seguidos bateando
vuelacercas, siendo superado solamente en la historia de este club por Jimmie
Foxx, quien lo hizo en 10 ocasiones, Manny Ramírez y Jim Rice, quienes
conectaron en siete oportunidades.
El año pasado David Ortiz tuvo una magnífica campaña, promediando
para .288, con 31 cuadrangulares, 101 carreras remolcadas, con 39 dobles, anotando
79 veces. Y al campo volvió a jugar a la maravilla, con sólo un

I don’t understand a word, but it looks like a good thing.

3-0, Baby!

Not that my streak is anywhere near as impressive as the Sox pitching shutout
streak (23 scoreless innings) or the Sox bullpen shutout streak (26 1/3 innings),
but I’m happy to help in any way I can.

We had great seats last night, except for the boorish drunks behind us…and
thanks to the new Fenway policy that they started enforcing last night, I missed
Tek’s homer. However, I think it is a great policy. Starting in the 3rd inning,
you are not allowed to come out of the concourse during an at bat. So I was
waiting patiently with a group of impatient people when Tek hit his homer (to
my wife’s delight..she was IN her seat, and Tek is her favorite player). When
they let us up, the poor usher got a lot of grief. Still, I think it is a good

Saw something else last night I don’t believe I’ve ever seen…somebody hopped
the wall in centerfield to get onto the field. That’s a 15-20 foot drop. He
looked hurt, because he walked slowly towards Damon…but seemed to heal quickly
when security started chasing him. And kudos to the guard that tackled him;
it was a quality takedown. There is probably an impression of the guy’s face
in the grass between 2nd base and the pitcher’s mound.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I discovered recently that I can listen to WEEI
here in CT now (103.7 out of RI; for some reason I didn’t think it would reach
central CT). I listened to the morning show for the first time today. Do those
guys ever talk sports? Seemed to be a lot of political commentary…I ended
up switching back to my normal ESPN radio commute.

Doubleheader today. Kim goes at 1 PM, Lowe goes tonight.

Oh; and to the random guy in line for beer that will be sitting in the upper bleachers today…you’re welcome. Those free tickets come courtesy of psf.commer MiddletownYazMan.

Baltimore Trip

Of the 76 available tickets, exactly 15 have been paid for. I’m going to call the O’s to ask for more time this week, but as I said…I’d prefer not to have to pay for all of these myself.

Those 15 come from a pool of about 45 that were ‘committed’. Counting those as taken, I currently have about 6 available for each game, but I have enough ‘maybes’ to possibly cover the 25 per game and then some. If you don’t want to do Paypal, drop me a line and I’ll give you an address to mail a check.


Nothing washes the taste of a bad loss out of your mouth…

…like beating up on the Yankees.

I missed most of the game; I went to a play last night. I brought my radio,
but I could get no signal inside the auditorium, so I was relegated to checking
my cell phone for scores every few minutes. At intermission, it was 1-0 Sox
so I went outside to listen for a little while. Got the radio in my ear just
in time to hear Millar and Bellhorn go back to back.

I got home and started watching just after Manny hit his homer. I’m glad I
got to watch at least a little bit, because generally, Sean and Jerry are an
amusing pair. Last night they kept riffing on the Yankees official scorer, who
inexplicably gave Enrique Wilson an error after a ball popped out of Gary Sheffield’s
glove. This produced many of the subtle comments that Sean is known to throw
out there. For example, A-Rod beat out a ball hit to the 3b side, on what turned
out to be a pretty close play. Sean utters "I’d have given McCarty the
error for not jumping high enough." He had some funny comments in Toronto
as well…makes me wish he did more than just a handful of games. Orsillo isn’t
terrible, but Sean and Jerry have banter that just doesn’t come out with Orsillo.

If you are a Yankee fan and you happen to check out this site; how do you feel
about Vasquez pitching on 3 days rest? To me, that’s a move that comes very
close to reeking of desparation…I mean; changing your rotation for a series
in April? For reasons that have nothing to do with the weather? I don’t get

Brown/Arroyo today at 1.

Tidy Win

PSF.com’s own Tim
with another stellar performance last night. Yes, it is only April,
but as was mentioned before, the Sox pitching staff is shaping up to be a formidable

It (Starters ERA) dropped to 3.58 Wednesday night as Tim Wakefield teamed
with two relievers to beat the Blue Jays, 4-2. Red Sox starters have had eight
quality outings in 14 games, pitching at least six innings in 10.

Looking at the Sox rival, they were dealt a blow yesterday:

Pitcher Jorge De Paula, after consulting with Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham,
Ala., will have Tommy John surgery today to reconstruct the ulna collateral
ligament in his right elbow. De Paula, who pitched against the Red Sox Friday,
reported stiffness or discomfort in the elbow. Team physician Stuart Hershon
examined De Paula on Saturday, and Andrews concurred with Hershon's diagnosis.
Andrews will perform the surgery today; recovery time is 8-12 months


If the Yankees are able to make any big trades this year to shore up any weak
points, and they are able to do so by trading mainly minor-league prospects…I’ll
be shocked. The news above means that Jon Lieber better come back strong for
them, or they might have some problems. Then again, we are only talking about
the #5 pitching spot for them…I guess a lot of teams would like to have uncertainty
in only one spot in the rotation.

Listening to the radio yesterday afternoon, I heard one of the most amazing
statistics. Before last nights game, Barry Bonds had seen something in the neighborhood
of 250 pitches (I don’t remember the exact numbers of pitches and swings, but
I’m close). Of all those pitches, he had swung 61 times. Total. (That number
doesn’t change today because he evidently didn’t swing last night.) Of those
61 swings, he has missed the ball 6 times. And he has hit 8 balls out of the
park. So he is averaging a home run every 8 SWINGS. The average for swings between
homers is over 100.

That is just sick.

That\’s more like it..

Either that or the Blue Jays are to Pedro as the Devil Rays are to Kevin Brown.

Pedro was on last night, and didn’t show signs of weakness until he reached
100 pitches. And even then, it was mainly defense that allowed runs to score.
According to Varitek, the speed readings Toronto displayed were a bit low. Good signs (or merely propaganda,
depending on your view).

Another somewhat good sign was the Sox bats vs. last years Cy Young winner.
Yes, they stranded a small army on base, but they hit him well. Even a few of
the outs were well hit. And as for stranding the runners, I don’t think it was
a lack of clutch hittng as much as Halladay bearing down when he needed to.
Oh, and that silly strike call to Bellhorn with a full count and the bases loaded.

Seemingly unheralded has been the performance of the Sox bullpen. When you
glance at the stats, Timlin looks like the weak link…but it is early enough
in the season where 2 rough performances really skew his numbers. If they can
continue to perform as they have, and the starting pitching stays the course…this
is a tough team to beat.

Kim threw well in Pawtucket the other day, and will throw again Saturday. Nixon
took BP a couple days in a row, and appears on target to return in early May.
The silence regarding Nomar’s progress doesn’t seem like a good sign to me.
But what do I know….

First round goes to..

…the Sox.

A nice performance out of Arroyo today…can’t ask for much more from the 5th
starter. He hung in there, kept the Sox in it…and they clawed back against
Brown. How about the performance of the bullpen in this series? I haven’t looked
it up; but did they give up a run besides the one Foulke gave up on Saturday
that was a direct result of defensive indifference?

Obviously, nobody expects the Yankees to play this poorly all year. The bats
will come around. The bullpen has been excellent. But in my opinion, they have
some big pitching concerns.

Mussina has not looked good at all. Contrares has never impressed me, and I
don’t want to hear the overrated phrase ‘he has great stuff’. Please. Vasquez
and Brown, while not terribly impressive against the Sox, do look good thus
far this year. And as of today, they have no reliable number 5.

What we as Sox fans have to hope for is that the Yankees bats don’t wake up
in Chicago, because the pitching matchups this weekend seem to greatly favor
Boston. April or not, to take 5 of the first 7 from New York would be nice.
Barring rainouts in Chicago, it looks like this:

  • FRI: Lowe vs. Contrares
  • SAT: Arroyo vs. Brown
  • SUN: Never Heard of Him vs. Pedro

So 2 rematches, and what looks to be a mismatch.

As I compose this, I’m watching a special on YES that is pretty interesting.
I just watched the replay of today’s game here, and left it on to watch ‘The
Rivalry that Ruth Built’. A little heavy on the Curse crap (what a shocker;
Shaugnessy is part of the piece), and obviously biased towards the Yankees,
but interesting nonetheless.

What a day…

Several years ago, when Sox news on the internet was still relatively new to
me, I shared this story on the Red Sox USENET board. It may not translate as such, but when considering
favorite days in all my life, it has always gotten consideration. In fact, at
the time, I evidently ranked it in my top 5.

I was already married at the point that I composed that post; so I don’t know
WHAT kind of days I would have to come up with to justify a hungover trip to
Fenway being in my top 5…but I really felt that way.

Is it STILL in my top 5? I don’t know…it could be. I have since been blessed
with a beautiful little girl, and she has probably provided me with enough moments
to bump most treasured memories out of the top 5. But it is definitely still
a day that brings a smile to my face every time I think about it.

So why does a random story about a treasured outing at Fenway get brought up
today, you ask? Well, because today may have knocked it out of the top spot.
Sit back, and let me spin you a yarn…

This morning, I woke up with a plan. My daughter woke up at 6:30 (as she is
prone to do no matter WHAT time she went to bed the night before). Even though
I was up until 11:30 watching the game the night before, I figured I’d get up
with her and let my wife sleep in a bit. You see, as I previously mentioned,
I had a PLAN. I figured that if I was going to waste a couple hours (during
what was shaping up to be a beautiful day) sitting inside and watching Schilling
pitch against the Yankees…well, I needed to get some things done first to
be able to justify it.

Yardwork. I decided upon yardwork. We’ve been working at getting all the sticks
to the street before the town comes by and picks them up. And I have some leaves
(ok, a LOT of leaves) left over that need cleaning up. Part of it is that we
got snow before I was done, the other part is..well, I’m lazy.

So I got up with my child, got her her morning yogurt and Rice Krispies, and
I did a little internet surfing while I shook the cobwebs from my brain. I checked
out SoSH, I browsed Royal
, and I caught up on the latest and greatest Sox news. I stumbled
upon a post at SoSH that caught my eye…somebody posted at 4 AM that tickets
were available through the Sox 24 hour touch tone line. After thinking about
it for a second, I decided I’d try.

Well, I got through, and when it came time to select a date, I picked today.
And it said that tickets were available…but since it was only hours away,
I had to get them at the box office. So just for ha-ha’s, I tried Monday. No
dice, sold out. So I tried Sunday…and there WERE tickets..and I COULD buy
them right then and there. However, my wife has a shower to go to, and I have
a birthday party to take the kid to. So I said an ‘aw, shucks’, hung up, and
got ready to start my day.

I drove to Dunkin Donuts for some sustinance for my family and I, and to pick
up a new rake. I got home, and immediately went to work. Boy, do I hate raking.
After about an hour, I had some nice piles shaping up. I didn’t feel like dragging