No more after this..I promise

“There is no possibility of a trade,” Rangers owner Tom Hicks said by phone Tuesday afternoon.

In a conference call with reporters, Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein said, “That report is baseless. We just learned about it, and I was surprised by it. [Red Sox owner] John Henry was surprised by it. [Red Sox president] Larry Lucchino was surprised by it. [Red Sox chairman] Tom Werner was surprised by it. It’s unfortunate that someone can, apparently, fabricate a story, and [Red Sox shortstop] Nomar Garciaparra and Manny Ramirez have to read about their future again in the press. It’s completely baseless. It’s not true.”

“It’s untrue, just completely untrue,” Hart said. “It’s not even worth responding to. We’ve filled our club, they’ve filled their club, we’ve had no talks in over a month. Where this garbage comes from is beyond me.”

I’m going to take everybody at their word, and finally…FINALLY believe that this is dead as a doornail. That’s what I thought until Monday..when a tiny inkling of possibility creeped into my mind…

Unfortunately, the only thing that will convince EVERYBODY is if Nomar gets an extension before the season starts…

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