David Ortiz and the Red Sox agreed to a one-year contract for about $4.5 million Friday, avoiding arbitration. Ortiz made $1.25 million last year.

The Red Sox have salary commitments of roughly $127 million for 21 players – a significant hike from $97 million on last season’s Opening Day roster. Ortiz, 28, asked for $5 million in arbitration and the Red Sox offered $4.2 million. Courant

Very nice. Theo is going to have his work cut out for him NEXT offseason, though, isn’t he. And for those Sox fans who like to use the “Yankees spend, spend, spend” argument…well, you can’t anymore. Face it, it was a silly argument anyway as a Sox fan.

In case you missed it

Yes, it’s kind of slow around RSN. But there is an interesting discussion going on over at Sons of Sam Horn, in case you haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere. The Sox new starter has been doing a facinating Q & A with people in this thread. Some excerpts:

How it begins:

Ok. Was checking threads here, tired of reading about Joe Smiths OPS of 678 being what the sox need on the bench to get them over the top. Let’s talk baseball. Here’s the deal. I will chat on baseball questions given here, answer as best I can. Now these need to be real, REAL baseball questions. Not what’s your favorite park, city, mound etc.. But serious fan questions on things like pitching in Fenway, strike zones, questec , umpires etc..

On pitching to LH batters at Fenway:

I am of the mind that 94mph on the hands, and the inner half, will be hard for LHH to hit off the monster.
Fenway park, for pitchers anyway, begs to have you force hitters to right and right center. That’s going to be something I need to take advantage of. I have, for years, been pushing myself to throw in more, and still haven’t. The way I see it now I have no choice at Fenway, if I don’t I am gonna get beat. I am also going to start using a cutter this year to LHH. After lurking around the workout facility these past few weeks, talking to LHH like Chavez and Miekwhatever from Minnesota, they all, to a man, think the cutter and split should be illegal. Rivera seems to have gotten by with ONE pitch, and dominated, so I think it’s a pitch I will need to use to be successful in the AL and will use it this year.

On interleague play:

I still think it sucks, and it’s horribly flawed. Baseball has always been about teams playing the same schedules, and the best teams coming out on top. Interleague introduced an NFL like quality in that teams within the same division could have horribly different schedules. The NFL has parity for ONE reason, they schedule opponents based on the prior seasons finish, the worse you are, the easier your schedule. That’s oneof the MAJOR factors in parity in the NFL. I don’t think it’s right, fair, whatever you want to call it, that team A, plays Boston, NY, SEa in interleague, and team B in that same division gets 3 lesser opponents over the same scehdule period. Divisions can and have been won and lost by single games, sometimes even a 1 game playoff. I’d be pissed if I was in that situation due to the fact that we split with Atlanta and Philly while NY or Tor had swept two bottom dwellers at the same time.
But it seems the fans like it, which is a major influence on Bud Seligs decision making, at times.
I grew up with the Pirates in the 70s, I love the fact that they played the Cards, Cubs, Phillies all the time, that created rivalries. I liked it when two teams met for the first time IN the world series. There is a nice new media angle I guess from teams that meet during the season playing again in the world series, but I disagree with it pretty much, don’t like it, never will.

And it goes on like that. An excellent read.

Just so you know…

Perusing through the members list, I see a few of you put your real names in there. That’s all well and good; but keep in mind that as of now, your full name is visible to all registered users. This is something I might change in the future, but I just wanted to let you know right now.

A couple of minor tidbits

Since the last minor flare-up of the ARod fiasco, there hasn’t been much Sox news. In reading the article from Tuesday’s Boston Globe, the opening paragraph jumped out at me:

With 25 days to go before pitchers and catchers report for spring training, Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein said yesterday he was encouraged by a report on Pedro Martinez’s condition as the ace prepares for his seventh — and perhaps final — season in Boston. (bold added by me)

So will every article in some way mention the possibility that this could be Pedro’s last year in Boston? Because if so, that could get very annoying.

Other bits from that article:

  • Ellis Burks is getting a strong look as a RH off the bench…12 years after being let go by the Sox mainly due to ‘injury risk’
  • Former Texas RHP Reynaldo Garcia claimed off of waivers. Expect nothing.

Not in there, but also interesting bits..

  • Gary Sheffield, who hasn’t been a cornerman in 10 years, offered to fill in for Aaron ’30 and over pickup league’ Boone.
  • Dean Palmer retired, and IRod is close to signing with the Tiggers.
  • Arod is STILL not coming to Boston

I guess that’s about it for now…

This made me laugh…

So I’m bopping around today, making sure all the links work on the new format, and I check out East Coast Agony for the first time in a few days.

(PSF)he’s been suffering from the same problem as all Sox sites lately (i.e. absolutely nothing new to write about) but he has a simple, no nonsense approach to blogging that I enjoy reading. Not a whole lot of humor, but he gets in his little zingers. A personal fave of mine is his drunken post right after Game 7 of the AlCS, where he explains that he had to take a 6 mile walk immediately afterwards.

First of all, I didn’t realize I came across as that dull. Secondly, for your viewing pleasure, said drunken post has been imported into the new site here.

When does the truck leave for Florida??

Guess I felt like jumping the gun…

I guess I’m somewhat impatient. I’m putting the new site out here now. When I imported everybody, it generated a new password and emailed it to you…so if you are having trouble, drop me a line. Or check your hotmail/yahoo address that you never check.

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New PSF.com?

So this is the probable overhaul of PSF.com, to be final before pitchers and catchers report. Most who have chatted on PSF.com have already been imported; try whatever username/password you are used to. If it doesn\’t work, let me know.

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No more after this..I promise

“There is no possibility of a trade,” Rangers owner Tom Hicks said by phone Tuesday afternoon.

In a conference call with reporters, Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein said, “That report is baseless. We just learned about it, and I was surprised by it. [Red Sox owner] John Henry was surprised by it. [Red Sox president] Larry Lucchino was surprised by it. [Red Sox chairman] Tom Werner was surprised by it. It’s unfortunate that someone can, apparently, fabricate a story, and [Red Sox shortstop] Nomar Garciaparra and Manny Ramirez have to read about their future again in the press. It’s completely baseless. It’s not true.”

“It’s untrue, just completely untrue,” Hart said. “It’s not even worth responding to. We’ve filled our club, they’ve filled their club, we’ve had no talks in over a month. Where this garbage comes from is beyond me.”

I’m going to take everybody at their word, and finally…FINALLY believe that this is dead as a doornail. That’s what I thought until Monday..when a tiny inkling of possibility creeped into my mind…

Unfortunately, the only thing that will convince EVERYBODY is if Nomar gets an extension before the season starts…