Couple of quotes…

“What I want to know,” Millar continued, “is who wrote the script? Who wrote the script for celebrations? What is it? Clinch wild card, no beers? Clinch Division Series, 4 to 9 beers? Clinch LCS, 6 to 9 beers? Win World Series? No limit? I never had more fun in my life, running down Yawkey Way in my spikes with Derek [Lowe] and Todd [Walker] and heading into that tavern [the Baseball Tavern] with a couple of thousand people behind us chanting, `Bring On Oakland!’ We were there 10 minutes. I wish we could have stayed four hours. And we might have, if we didn’t have a bus, and a plane to catch. It would be one thing if I were standing here talking to you, holding a Jack Daniels, but we had our fun, we got on the plane, and it’s over. We know what’s at stake.” KEVIN MILLAR

“It’s a big haul from spring training on the first of February all the way up to last night. It’s a celebration of their accomplishments, and it’s a relief, too. A lot of these guys have never been in that position before, and it was special for them. I heard a lot of talk we might have celebrated too much. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. That’s probably somebody saying that who’s never been in that situation, or somebody who didn’t want the Red Sox to win. That’s what it boils down to me. Someone who doesn’t want the Red Sox to win and who isn’t happy they’re getting ready to play in October” GRADY LITTLE

“No matter what happens around here, somebody will have something negative to say. If we were to win the World Series in six, someone would say we should have won it in four. The thing about the celebration was that we were doing it with the fans. The great thing for us as players is to win for ourselves, sure, but I think it would mean even more to us in that clubhouse to do it for the people of Boston.” TODD WALKER

it is clear that the jubilant celebration was not from a precise analysis of what the wc means (its not the division) by the fans, but rather a function of their incredible and magnificent joy at anything done even remotely successful by the Red Sox.
Rememeber they drew a million in a parade AFTER they lost a dreadful WS to the mets.
Ive listened to this moronic raindripping about the sox/fans celebrating ‘too hard’ from the media, weei callers,and MLB ‘onlookers’ all day, and its nothing more than self serving sophomoric snorts from yawnessy wannabees.
They didnt pillage and rape. They were happy and they cheered. RICH

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