Two in a row

Nice outings by Kim, that is. Here’s hoping the Sox get a couple more nice performances under their belt and Kim regains form just in time. Once again, Mike Timlin was inspired by the support from, and comes through in a tight spot.

And for those that have been a little worried about the lack of offense over the past couple weeks, let’s not forget this:

It was the first time since Sept. 8 that the Red Sox have had their starting nine in the lineup after a stretch of injuries and illnesses.

And I liked this line in a Globe article about Ortiz clawing his way out of some recent doldrums:

“It’s all the easier to find your way out of the dark when the power remains on all around you. “

This cracked me up just a bit from the Herald:

Evidently, Little is fed up with the constant second-guessing of NESN pregame- and postgame-show host Bob Rodgers. When asked about the status of lining up his postseason pitching rotation, the Sox manager planted his tongue firmly in cheek.

“We’ve got several things in mind but I think before we make a decision, I think we’ll have to talk to Bob Rodgers about what we’re doing because he seems to be an authority on everything that goes on with a major league team from all that experience he’s had with Little League teams and high school teams he’s coached,” Little said with a straight face.

Several Sox players and staffers have regularly complained to club management about Rodgers’ seemingly constant criticism of Little.

“The job we’ve got around here is a whole lot easier to do after the game is over,” Little said.

Also from the Herald, Orioles pitcher Jason Johnson seems to be implying that the Sox have something shady going on:

Nixon’s homer, in particular, did not sit well with Johnson, who said he threw a perfect pitch — “Right on the black, right where I wanted to throw it.”

The fact Nixon turned on it and crushed it? “There’s no way he turns on that,” Johnson said. “No possible way.”

The implication was that Nixon knew what was coming, although Johnson did not accuse him of anything directly.

PSSST….Jason…Sox were made to turn off the TV last week. What clued you in last night? Did you see smoke signals coming from the Sox bullpen?

Wakes tonight, magic number is now 4.

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