Better than Saturday night

When I arrived at the birthday party I was attending yesterday (Dora the Explorer theme), I got out of my car in the bottom of the 7th, with runners at the corners and 2 out. I had lingered for an extra minute to hear the 2nd out, and at that point, I figured if I waited much longer, people would start staring at the man and his toddler sitting in the car and not going into the party.

Well, apparently Pedro buzzed one by to end the inning, Mike Timlin was inspired by his new sponsorship, and Kim was inspired by being shamed Friday night.

I’m going to push Saturday night way, way back in my brain. I’m not going to FORGET it, but I’m going to hope against hope that it was the bullpen getting it out of their system.

Seven games left, O’s and Rays left in the regular season.

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