Elvis’ favorite expression was TCB. He had it painted on his plane, among other things. Now that the Sox schedule is made up of Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Baltimore, they absolutely need to take care of business. 7 vs. the Devil Rays, win 5. 4 vs. the Orioles, win 3. 3 vs. the Indians, let’s take 2. 10-4 is not out of the realm of possibility. Good clubs beat the lesser teams when they need to (like the Yanks did winning 8 in a row last week). It’d be nice to see the last week of the season and Seattle/Oakland fighting eachother for ONE spot…

I was at the game yesterday, and it was as forgettable in person as I’m sure it was on television. The only good part was we got to move up from my terrible seats to get a pretty good view…and the whole section had fun ganging up on some drunken disruptive idiots who were more interested in starting the wave than watching a baseball game. Pretty sad when that is your highlight for the day at Fenway.

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