Apologist Manifesto

7-2 road trip. 14 of the last 19. Pedro looked like Pedro. Manny en fuego since Mannygate. Mueller and Ortiz continue to shine. Holding steady with the WC lead and within shouting distance (barely) for the division. With 17 games left.

What’s not to like about being a Red Sox fan right now?

Sure, you can dwell on the crummy pen that was kicking around until mid June or so, and has reared its ugly head a few times in the past few weeks. Yeah, you can scratch your head about the fact that Nomar hits like a monster at home and a poodle on the road. Absolutely, you can question the thinking of the manager at times. And I’m sure a few of you will come up with more things to whine about.

I don’t wear blinders. I acknowledge these problems as they happen. I just don’t choose to dwell on them for more than a day or two. There are 17 games left in this 2003 season…take some time to enjoy a few and think about what has been a damned entertaining season thus far. And let’s hope that we get to see more than 17 games in 2003.

EDIT: Could somebody explain to me exactly what this means?

“That’s why people gotta believe in the Sox,” designated hitter David Ortiz said,
“This is not apple Sox, or barbecue Sox. This is the Sox.”

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FURTHER EDIT: After reading Bob Ryan’s excellent column on Pedro this morning, I decided to take a look at the Pedro no-decisions. In 56.2 innings pitched, Pedro allowed a whopping 13 runs. In 9 no decisions, he has an era of 2.08. Of those 9 starts, 5 of them were unquestionably enough for a win. And the Sox lost 6 of those games. Poor bastard. That’s Cy Young quality. Again.

EVEN FURTHER EDIT: Seems some in the national media are jumping on the Sox bandwagon. Yesterday; Jason Stark. Today, Thomas Boswell.

Now, at last, the time has come. Every shred of resiliency is gone. Finally, every Sox fan with an iota of sanity knows that this is not the year. So, cowboy up, it will be. Because nobody, except the Red Sox (players), thinks it is.

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